Thursday, 22 December 2016

Travel: 2016 Travel Round-Up

"No matter how far you travel, you can never get away from yourself" - Haruki Muramaki (After The Quake)

If 2016 had one thing going for it it was that I managed to fit in a lot of trips away from the UK.

23 flights (due to TAP Portugal messing up our booking and necessitating a 45 minute Porto-Lisbon flight on the way home from Porto), 5 new countries visited (Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Vietnam and Singapore) and too many hours spent in airports to count made this year a pretty strong one for seeing a little more of the world. An up-coming trip in the diary, whether for two weeks or two days is definitely my favourite way to spend money and it helps those weeks speed by a little faster.

First up was Amsterdam - somewhere I luckily did not visit as a teenager but a city which caters to all whims and tastes. I loved the feline activities and vegetarian food as much as the flat streets and Dutch humour.

So. Many. Bikes. (Amsterdam)

A Vietnamese and Singaporean adventure with my parents was a trip we'll never stop reminiscing about, I only wish we could have had longer to explore Vietnam - an amazing country with so much to offer.

Hoi An, Vietnam.

My first foray into all things Scandinavian, I can't not credit Hannah for making me want to visit Denmark and Sweden. Visiting the home of Lego and experiencing Stockholm's effortless cool have only made me want to see more of these countries and add Finland to my list too.

Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

Northern Ireland blessed us with magnificent weather (no exaggeration - I got sunburnt) and turned into a Game of Thrones filming locations pilgrimage, fuelled by delicious food in Belfast and a visit to Titanic Belfast.

Ballintoy Harbour / The Iron Islands, Northern Ireland.

Sunnier climes still with my trips to Porto for Primavera (a way to spoil yourself for all future British camping festivals is to say in an Airbnb and have guaranteed sunshine) and Barcelona where I dressed as a penguin for a hen-do bar crawl and clocked up a third visit to the Spanish city.

Barcelona skyline from Parc Guell.

New York wasn't a new destination for me but there is always something new to discover and in July the heat made the city feel as intensely magical as ever. I balanced my trip between Soul Cycle, yoga classes and drinking a not small number of cocktails in my friend's favourite bars in spite of the terrible pound-dollar exchange rate.

The city (NYC where else?) viewed from the Queensboro' Bridge...
My final trip to Milan provided much needed indulgence in terms of Italian food and an almost digital detox away from news and doom and gloom. I still looked at Instagram though.

As for travel in 2017, I'll be finally ticking India off my list in November - everything else is still in the planning phrases and we all know that that's the best bit.

Where was your favourite travel destination in 2016?



  1. Looks like you had some awesome travels this year! Sophie x

  2. You've had a fantastic year of travelling! So many cool and varied places. Next year I'm pretty much just going to Florida and Tokyo, and that's within the first two months. Then that's my holidays over lol.

  3. Wow what an amazing year of travelling! I love holidays- the best things to save money for in my opinion. I had a couple of very special trips this year, including South Africa for a safari, and the Rockies in Canada, but nothing booked for next year at the moment.

  4. Isn't it great that we're all able to travel so much. I think I totalled about 10 trips this year - I think I'm make better use of weekends next year for city breaks away. Looks like you've had some amazing adventures. Hope to see more in 2017.

  5. What a year! Furthest I travelled this year was London, still haven't kicked my fear of flying!


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