Friday, 9 December 2016

Shopping: Christmas Wishlist

I do summer much better than I do Christmas. Mother Lipstick has been asking for weeks what I want and I can only manage an "umm, not sure, don't know" type response. Asking for things is difficult when you don't really need anything and Christmas as an adult is never going to be as magical as the Christmas day, aged 8, when I followed a piece of red wool from my bedroom and down the stairs to find my most life-changing of Christmas presents. A computer.

The 1990s computer comprised of grey parts too bulky to be carried up to my bedroom and was in need of it's own "computer desk" to be situated near to the phone line so that I could call up the internet in precious thirty minute chunks at a time, waiting patiently while the modem disconnected and being constantly warned to avoid "chat rooms" despite not knowing what one even was. The very idea of having a computer was a little weird in the mid-90s but I loved it enough not to care that my friends were not particularly jealous of my Christmas gift because "we have one of those at school". The computer was my gateway into the world that we now think nothing of being a part of. I feel more nostalgic thinking about my first computer than I do my first kiss or the first time I was allowed to wear make-up.

The world is rather different now. The phone which is never far from my hand having far more power than that old computer, our internet access being constant and almost impossible to switch off from. Our private moments with friends and family now shared, our material wants blogged about and every part of this year becomes increasingly commoditised and distilled into an accumulation of more things. So my wish list comes with a little story of a Christmas past and a little warning that we are much more the sum of our memories than the sum of our material possessions and that we are beyond lucky to be in a position to be making lists of things that we cannot honestly say we need...

rose gold christmas wishlist

This dreamy velvet dress would be perfect for NYE - it's like a grown-up version of what I wore to children's parties when no one talked about weddings or house prices. Imagine.

I'm always struggling with what to put on the walls of my flat (tbt to the days when a poster of Pete Doherty seemed like the right answer to that question) but this New York print is a cute reminder of travel memories past.

An ear-cuff is a quick way to add party sparkle (because a new piercing now will require six weeks of "training earrings" and will miss out on party jewels!). Also great for when you can't remember whether or not your friends have pierced ears.

I generally run a mile from a "celebrity fragrance" and I blame this Instagram account for making me sniff out SJP's new scent but it's actually amazing, the perfect winter scent and admit it, you always did want to get Carrie on those "Which SATC Character Are You?" quizzes.

As someone who looks forward (eww) to turning thirty next year I have to stop serving my friends gin in Starbucks mugs. They've earned the right to some decent glassware for proving that they can drink red wine without spilling it on my pale floors.

Lipstick is always a welcome stocking filler and I still don't own any Charlotte Tilbury make up (hint hint hint). Don't blame me if this shade doesn't get you a midnight NYE kiss - think of it as protection against winter germs.

I love the idea making coffee at home but so far it's just an idea. This rose gold French press is cute enough to make indoor coffee mornings feel like a treat until someone invents coffee delivery via drone.

A cat purse because 2016 has had its moments (don't make me grow up please).

Back with the at-home entertaining - a pineapple ice bucket is surely an essential. And y'know, it co-ordinates with everything else in this wish list. It would be rude not to.

What's on your Christmas wish-list?



  1. Great wishlist, hope you wishes come true. Have a great day <3

  2. I will fully admit to buying every single JLo perfume there was. I loved (OK love not past tense) it.
    Ah yes, the computer. My dad was always hugely into IT so we pretty much always had a computer from when you first could. I am also hugely proud of the fact that I was the first person in my school to have an iPod. I remember explaining to people that it was like a mp3 player but cooler.

  3. The noise of the modem dialing up- something that the youth of today will never experience! I had a minidisk player when I was in the sixth form- they were meant to be the future but they didn't last too long!

  4. I'm struggling with what I want this year too. I'm able to buy anything throughout the year, so by the time Christmas rolls by, there's nothing I need or want. But that dress is super cute though. I think a velvet dress might be on my wishlist then.


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