Thursday, 1 December 2016

Life: November Round-Up

November, November. Another month pretty overwhelmed by being unable to tear myself away from the constant bombardment of news, another up-all-night to the tune of the world changing forever and then a week in Italy with terrible wifi and a full Kindle to briefly forget about it all!

This was November:

1. Visiting Tate Britain for only the second time ever. Free culture in an amazing setting. Must go back soon.

2. A large visual depiction of 2016 at the Turner Prize exhibition (go for the bum, stay for the very British visitor comments). The winner will be announced on 5th December.

3. Anna Laurini street art in Shoreditch on a rare sunny morning. I love spotting these expressive faces all over town.

4. My annual "wear black tie" night out. Wore a swish floor length dress after getting it shortened by 10 inches.

5. Succulents in the arid house at the Barbican Conservatory.

6. Dressed as a Pokémon trainer for a late Halloween / Guy Fawkes party. Knew that this Japanese purchase would come in handy.

7. More conservatory time as I count down the remaining months of winter (find me here or at Fierce Grace hot yoga).

8. A horse in Pavia, Italy - three days in the countryside where I slept better than I have since Brexit and had that weird city girl experience of breathing in slightly less polluted air.

9. Coffee and cake at Cooper and Wolf on Chatsworth Road, a cosy little Scandic-inspired cafe. A redeeming quality of being an adult in 2016 is that, yes, this constitutes lunch.

One-twelfth of 2016 remains. Now, have any of you bought me that gin advent calendar because I think we need to see this year out well...



  1. I want that gin advent calendar SO damn much! I keep meaning to go to Tate Britain, it's the only one of the big museums I haven't done so much tick it off my list soon.
    Charlie, Distracted

  2. Haha a gin advent calendar. Love it! I'd want a cake one but I can't see that being so great for my waistline!!

  3. Girl, I'm dreaming of that gin advent calendar too!

    - Elodie x


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