Thursday, 3 November 2016

Life: October Round-Up

There are only two months of 2016 left, guys! Autumn is most definitely here now and it's brought with it more doubt about my youthfulness by way of a browse of winter jumpers -  I don't want to wear one with cut-out shoulders, my shoulders have never felt particularly hot and bothered before now (if jumpers with cut-out armpits become on-trend then please let me know). I also keep finding myself making comments about the depreciating value of the pound like an actual adult who maybe understands these things, concerned citizen alert! Scepticism of trends and concern about the economy, didn't this start out as a fashion blog I hear you ask?

November brings with it my yearly black-tie ball at which I always fail to get any pictures of myself looking nice and another chance to play a US Elections Drinking Game of your choice. Although I'm not sure if we need a game as an excuse to drink this year. ANYWAY, here's what the tenth month of our collective annus horribilis looked like:

1. I got my haircut after far too long. My Rosamund-Pike-in-Gone-Girl bob has finally grown out!

2. Avocado toast at the Curious Yellow Kafe in Hoxton.

3. An almond milk matcha latte from Farm Girl (literally the same price as the previous entire meal).

4. Taking a boat trip on the Thames to Greenwich where my parents and I did a tour of the Meantime Brewery. I really wish I could be a Gone Girl "cool girl" and drink beer but...nope.

5. I've finally started running again and it's great for Instagram because it gives me an excuse to stop and wonder how I ever got round a marathon.

6. Stylist Live in Angel where I learned all about Hygge.

7. Yoga with Adriene in London at York Hall. She is just as funny and even more beautiful in real life.

8. Another running shot - I still find this city so beautiful sometimes (mostly before 7am when no one else is out and about), my love affair with London is almost as long and committed as my relationship with Diet Coke.

9. Fashion In Motion celebrating 10 years of House of Holland. So nice but ultimately so detrimental to my youth to have "grown up" with a label. It will always be 2006 in a small part of my heart.

1. I can't remember when I swapped Friday nights out for Saturday morning yoga brunches. A class at the Sky Garden followed by a buffet brunch was a great start to a productive solo Saturday.

2. The views from the Sky Garden on a grey day. I can (almost) see my desk from here (that's a lie because I don't have a window seat).

3. Visiting the Tate Modern's Switch House for the first time - a stone's throw from where I used to live when I first took up residence in Zone 1 as a sweet and na├»ve 20 year-old.

4. Enjoying peak adulthood in the Tate Modern's bar with a solo Bloody Mary and river views.

5. The launch of Yuu Kitchen in Aldgate - the tofu bao is amazing (my friend's chicken bao looked more amazing but I've told too many people that I'm veggie now to give in to such temptations).

6. Still getting lost around the Barbican Estate - sorry to the residents of Frobisher Crescent for all the bloggers who take outfit photos in the sculpture court. 

7. A cookie from Blondies Kitchen pop-up in Old Street Station - I wanted the gluten free one to kid myself that it was full of health but the Oreo one looked prettier (and I'm not even gluten free anyway).

8. Just chilling in bed with Benedict and some mini pumpkin gourds! I hope Hollywood hasn't changed you, Cumbers (have you been working out?).

9. The National Gallery Halloween late and a visit to my favourite painting which looks much better not through the medium of my smartphone. 

How was your October?



  1. Love this Lily! Looks like you had a laaavley October... I also checked out the Farm Girl cafe, so good but pretty pricey! Also, I would LOVE to do a yoga class up in the Sky Garden, sounds amazing - how much is it to come along? Immy x

  2. Happy fake Friday Lily! Dayum, I'm sad I missed out on Stylist Live, it sounds incredible. And I seriously need to venture to Farm Girl but it's so. damn. far.

  3. I never take photos whilst out running. I either end up forgetting to take my phone altogether or just completely forget about taking a picture until the moment has passed. I've seen some gorgeous sunrises/sunsets and plenty of wildlife whilst I've been out running and then always kick myself afterwards for not getting a memento!

  4. Sounds like not a bad month, hope the return to running is going well- I'm on a mission to get my 10km time back down and have finally, finally settled back into training.

  5. Once again, it looks like you had a great month! Only one more and we can have all the gin and avocado on toast together again! Ha!

    - Elodie x

  6. Oreo cookie - good choice, looks incredible. Yay for running again as well!
    I rarely take photos when I run as it's such a faff to get the old phone old but if I saw views like that I'd definitely be tempted!


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