Sunday, 6 November 2016

London: Colombia Road Flower Market

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall"
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

Chillier air and darker mornings aren't yet a sign to abandon all hope and hibernate. Before winter really sets in, the days where the sun shines through the grey city skies and where the air is crisp can be just as beautiful as those now fading mid-summer memories.

Colombia Road is one of my favourite London spots but sometimes the urge to get out the flat and actually head there on a Sunday mornings just isn't there. Living alone makes my motivation very variable but when you wake up too early for a Sunday it's the perfect opportunity to hastily pull on some leggings, grab a big old coat and feel slightly guilty for letting the door of your building slam back into its frame before 8am.

The market runs all year round, between 8am and 2pm but as with most things in the big city, early is better. The streets are quiet, the light is perfect, there are no crowds to push past and there are seats at the counter in Colombia CafĂ© where £4 gets you a bagel and a coffee to start the day (usual London prices would only get you the latter). The market changes with the seasons and summer's bright flowers have given way to winter bedding plants and bouquets of orange and reds.

By 9am, I was on my way home with succulents, mini pumpkins and the whole rest of the day to blissfully while away.

Colombia Road Flower Market, Sundays 8am - 2pm
More information here


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