Friday, 11 November 2016

Fashion: 9 Winter Workwear Buys

I keep realising that I've been working in a proper grown-up job for five (five!) years but that I'm still wearing some of the work clothes that I bought, well, five years ago. As much as I applaud this rare instance of frugality in my life, it's time for an upgrade.

Office-appropriate dressing is something that I struggle with. I don't mean that I turn up to work in a bikini and cowboy boots and fail to realise that this is inappropriate but that it's hard to find clothes that I genuinely love and want to part with my money for which are also suitable for wearing in a rather traditional office environment. All this before we think about the swings between unbearably stuffy and the sometimes ferocious air-con which I guarantee come with any form of working in an office, no matter what the dress code.

So here is my pick of winter work wear, all under £150 and not a grey suit in sight:

Winter Blush

Winter doesn't mean defaulting to a palette of black and grey. Office lighting is invariably unflattering and while I love soft greys for casual wear, in the office they can look drab. This Chanel-esque tweed jacket is perfect for updating a simple shift dress, pair with round-toed courts for a sweet but smart look. Winter coats also do not need to be black - this candy-floss soft pink coat is professional and will make reaching for it while it's still dark at 8am a little bit easier. Beat the outdoor and indoor air-con chill with a long sleeved dress because for some reason most of my work dresses are sleeveless and totally impractical for winter.


Navy is office appropriate and suits everyone, and this dress would work for evenings and weekends too (although once I've work an item to the office it is dead to me). Skirts in tweed and monochrome are a welcome addition to my dress-heavy wardrobe and we all probably have knits to wear them with already but the jewelled collared one is lovely if not. These non-boring black heels are smart but not dull, and might be worth taking home for the weekend now that the party season is (almost) here because they're too nice to live under a desk.

What are you wearing to work this winter? Or are you a lucky person who can wear whatever you want?


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  1. Ahh love that jewelled collar top. Definitely my kinda thing.
    I can pretty much wear anything to work (within reason obviously). I work in a software company and most people are in jeans and t-shirts. I try and stat fairly smart just to separate my normal life from work life but sometimes I just go for comfort instead ;-)


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