Monday, 3 October 2016

Life: September Round-Up

September is over and in a blink of an eye another summer has passed. As if to signal the change in seasons my Birkenstocks fell apart and I've been dubiously eyeing up the black opaque tights in my wardrobe and may have to admit defeat soon. September flew by in a blur of birthdays (mine), more birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, babies, engagements (not mine) and all those markers of adulthood which have you having a weekly nervous breakdown in the aisles of Cards Galore because 99% of cards are too terrible to inflict on someone you like.

1. I spent a long weekend in Stockholm which was a lovely city.

2. Another long weekend, this time in Liverpool which I will blog about soon (having a blip in blogging motivation, blaming Mercury being in Retrograde for most of the month which strongly affects us already anxious Virgos).

3. September's weather was a little last hurrah for a summer where I don't really remember it raining or me suffering at any outdoor events.

4. Floating Dreams by Ik Joong-Kang on the Thames. You won't have missed this sculpture by the Millennium Bridge and a year after I visited the Korean border (one of the strangest days) the stories of hopes for the future of Korea are really thought-provoking.

5. Snaps and Rye on my birthday eve with my favourite girls. I am usually wary of tasting menus due to my "fussy eating" but the restaurant were great in catering for vegetarianism, pescetarianism and mushroom-hating.

6. Another long weekend at a wedding - a city girl explores the village moment. Turns out that being in the countryside by myself was the exact trigger I needed to make me want to run again.

7. I rarely use the Tube because it's pretty grim but made an exception to visit the cats at Clapham Common station. Hoping for more of these campaigns as I'd rather see pictures of cats than adverts telling me to get a "bikini body".

8. I've got really in to hot yoga recently and Fierce Grace is a favourite as it's so welcoming and non-judgemental.

9. A final summer roof top from Picturehouse Central. The area around Piccadilly Circus makes me want to scream but the bar at Picturehouse is a hidden gem if you need to meet someone centrally and want somewhere that's not full of noise and tourists.

Things I'm looking forward to in October which aren't Pumpkin Spice Lattes (hold the veg in my coffee) or chunky knit jumpers (nope) include Stylist Live, Conor Oberst's new album which I pre-ordered when October 14th was an unreal distant date, visiting the London Cat Village, touring the Meantime Brewery and thinking up Halloween costume ideas that will never happen unless one of my friends wants to host a Halloween party. Please do or I will.

How was your September?  


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