Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Fashion: Winter Wishlist

As an international fashion blogger (duh I go on holiday quite frequently and once got shoe-d off of someone's doorstep while getting a friend to take my picture) you're always one season ahead; it's a tough life. Back in August when it was 35 degrees (or at least felt like it) the only brain power I wanted to expend was deciding between an iced coffee or a G&T (the later 9 times of out 10) and not thinking about A/W (that's autumn / winter for us fashion folk, someone did ask me once) or anything black or that would cover any part of my body more than public decency required.

But now it's October and all the good stuff is probably sold out and I've ruined my sandals in the rain and sported blue as a skin colour enough times to admit defeat to "The Winter Wardrobe". I am not a roll-necks-and-pumpkin-spice-lattes kind of girl but in the interests of not looking too idiotic in public and y'know, not contracting hypothermia, here's my winter wish-list because it's not getting any warmer until March AT LEAST. This is what I'll pretend to want to wear for winter walks or whatever people do in this grim season in Blog World but in reality I'll be hiding under a blanket, eating something which is at the same time vegan and devoid of nutrition while watching my old SATC box-set (the time is right). Winter '16 aesthetic sorted, then.

autumn winter wishlist

Firstly, and not at all related to the change of seasons I've ordered myself some tortoiseshell glasses to update my smarter-than-I-look vibe and because at 29 I need to face up to my poor eyesight and not give myself squint-induced wrinkles. Cashmere makes me feel like the Home Counties, "isn't Kate Middleton radiantly stylish" sort of girl that I actually am and this grey knit doesn't need a Princess (lol paid for by the taxpayer) budget. An ever-stylish friend of mine keeps her cashmere in the freezer and I plan to do the same once the vodka is finished and freed up some space. Velvet is definitely a winter fabric and this dress is at once covered and...not so covered. I need it.

Everyone is wearing pleated metallic skirts because, y'know, it's nearly Christmas (only it isn't) but who cares because I want to wear one too. Camisoles are needed for attempting layering without resembling the Michelin man having a hot flush as has happened every other winter I've tried to layer but maybe 2016 will be different. I wore hats all summer to make me feel cooler than I am and I want to wear them all winter too only with less straw. Finally, boots because London's streets ruin all footwear but these look sort of sensible. Kate Middleton would approve, wouldn't she?

What are you purchasing to ease the post-summer blues?


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