Friday, 9 September 2016

Fashion: I Know What Your Wore This Summer

Summer dressing is my favourite. A close second to ball gowns but I don't live the life where wearing one is a regular occurrence so simple summer dressing wins. Having actually had a summer in London this year means that I've worn my summer clothes and haven't acquainted myself with opaque tights since April. This summer will go down as a favourite, here's what I wore for sweet summer '16.

Covent Garden

This Laura Ashley dress has been revived from my mother's 1980s wardrobe. Try as I might to get away from girlie girl dressing I just can't resist something pink and flowery. Taken in Covent Garden during an afternoon with the girls. Worn with Primark knock-off Birkenstocks and my vintage denim jacket.

Frank's Rooftop, Peckham

Another vintage favourite - £2 from a Camden charity shop, purchased in the days where I had the time and inclination to rummage for hours in Camden armed with a gallon of hand-sanitizer. Frank's rooftop makes for a great posing place and Hannah is a great outfit photographer, even when her subject matter has had three Bloody Mary's pre 1pm.

Ascot Races

I didn't have any weddings this summer but did get to liberate the more formal section of my wardrobe at Ascot. I always go vintage or vintage-inspired for smarter occasions after spending literal years in the changing rooms of those guest-at-wedding sort of store questioning my life. Keeping it real with a mirror snap from Instagram Stories.

Hannah's Birthday BBQ

Another old summer favourite - this dress was the first item of clothing I got sent as a blogger way back when (also here). Times and blogging have changed a little since (hey, 2010 me, pick that stuff up off the floor!) but I still love this dress after snipping off the diamant√© buttons. I remember snapping the original photos in the mirror of my bedroom at my parents' house with my dad's digital camera, not quite sure where those six years have gone.

Now to get my Kon-Mari on and do the seasonal wardrobe switchover... What have you been wearing this summer?



  1. Really love all of these outfits. Sophie x

  2. You have such a cute collection of dresses! I'm more of a winter girl so I can't wait to get those tights back out again!!

  3. The Laura Ashley vintage dress is beautiful! It still looks in style! Clem x


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