Thursday, 1 September 2016

Life: August Round-Up

I'm starting to get that back-to-school feeling, it's dark at 8.30pm again and I had a small burst of domesticity and folded up half of my summer clothes for putting into storage. Yep, August is over and as someone who not only lives for the summer months but who has had, by my own reckoning, a pretty damn good one this is sad news indeed. So today I'm trying to defeat the summer scaries by looking back at August '16 and crossing my fingers for summer to continue into September because if I have to turn 29(!) the sun had better be shining...

1. The Olympics have been an absolute joy to watch, a huge distraction from the constant doom and gloom around us and I thought I wouldn't care as much with them not being in London but I was happily proven wrong.

2. The Shergar Cup at Ascot where the weather brought it's A-game. Great people watching and when horses are around you can drink from 11am onwards, that's the rule.

3. Jeff Koons "Now" at Newport Street Gallery. The balloon sculptures make my soul happy.

4. Another Anna Laurini street artwork. Stay Human on Whitecross Street.

5. The view from Dalston Roof Park at 7am on a Friday morning - such an amazing way to start the weekend with Supply Yoga's summer class.

6. Yoga at Camden Beach - no mats, some acrobatic elements. Spent the rest of the day brushing sand off of myself and feeling like I was on holiday.

7. Eggs and avocado at Frank's Cafe in Peckham. The heat totally kills off my appetite and this is basically all I've craved all summer.

8. The view from Frank's Cafe is unreal - you can literally see all of London and they do a good Bloody Mary. Can't even remember that life where I used to stay in.

9. An espresso martini at Pedler, Peckham Rye.  Correcting that 4pm Sunday afternoon / incoming Sunday fear type slump. Also has a pineapple theme so will be back.

1. Olympics on big screen at Paternoster Square. I love the feeling when everyone claps a Team GB athlete in London and they're on the other side of the world.

2. The Royal Academy summer exhibition (until 4th September) and David Hockey's 82 Portraits and One Still Life (until 1st October)are well worth a visit.

3. Amba Chef's spanish supper club with the Tabl - lovely food and I had a great evening chatting away to Farrah.

4. Dinner at The Good Egg, Stoke Newington. The dinner menu contains precisely zero egg dishes but it was still great, loads of veggie options and a very good Negroni.

5. Madison rooftop, on point views during the heatwave but can't say that I made it to the bar. Like that scene in American Psycho where everyone is wearing the same suit and the same glasses and is basically the same person.

6. Another day, another rooftop - Netil360 in Hackney is a nice chilled out spot.

7. Palm Vaults has been all over Instagram this summer, I took one for the team and ordered a velvet latte. I didn't not like it but not sure if I'd order it again tbh. The brunch was pretty good, avocado toast, ofc.

8. Hunting Pokemon along Regent's Canal with the girls - the best thing about internet friends is that no amount of geeky is too geeky whereas last week I bumped into a former colleague while catching Psyduck and it was pretty embarrassing for the both of us.

9. Another skyline? Oh, ok. You'll miss them when its dark at 3pm. Alexandra Palace for the foodies festival where I tried a sushi burrito.

Honorable mentions to Hannah's 30th birthday party last week, excellent chats with excellent people all month long (past me made great friendship choices), gin, unplugged moments, un-photographed meals, yoga every damn day, Kon-Mari-ing my wardrobe and planning my penultimate trip of 2016 - Stockholm on Friday.



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