Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Food: London Dining - Decent Recent Eats

This may come as a shock to internet and non-internet friends (yes I do have some) alike but I've fallen out of the habit of taking pictures of my food. Maybe it's because everyone does it now when it used to be a "me" thing. Or maybe it's because when I do sit down to eat I'm just really sodding hungry and want to eat my food rather than photograph it twelve times.

Some of the most memorable and delicious meals of this summer went un-photographed but that's ok because they definitely still happened. Maybe in 2056 we'll all be eating freeze dried locusts and food will be in pill form and I'll be grateful for the ten-odd years of photos of food I've taken or maybe I'll be too busy being nearly 70 years old and doing whatever old people do to look back on what I ate in my twenties.

A couple of recent finds, though. Poorly photographed because right now I'm about not being that girl standing on her chair in a restaurant and stage-whispering "don't touch the food" at her murderously ravenous friends. Don't be that girl.

Frank's, Peckham Rye

A car park in Peckham with a three-item brunch menu may not sound like a top meal of summer '16 but the setting, the skyline and the Bloody Mary's make Frank's a summer must-visit. The brunch dishes are around £6 which is half as expensive as certain other brunching establishments and are simple and delicious. Being a completely inept cook means that a perfectly fried egg gives me great joy. Frank's is open until 1st October for a goodbye-to-summer cocktail.

The Good Egg, Stoke Newington 

I finally made it to this much-hyped Stoke Newington spot just as my friends moved out from around the corner. The dinner menu is sharing plates with a lot of veggie options but with no eggs featuring. The simple pitta and dips were delicious (even more so when bread is a "special treat") and the pictured aubergine was something I could have eaten all to myself (it wasn't huge tbh). I still want to go back for brunch and for the eggs but the advantage to dinner time is that bookings are taken and their Negroni gets a spot in my "top ten Negronis list" which I will one day share.

Mama Lan, Clapham Common 

I asked restaurant queen Hannah for some Clapham tips and Mama Lan's menu of Beijing street food with veggie and vegan options was my pick for a quick solo supper (I was only in Clapham to photograph the cats in the tube station - living my best life here). Between 6pm and 7pm a noodle dish and a drink is £10 and if you're with a group then the sharing dumplings and snacks looked pretty good. The restaurant is tiny so be prepared to queue in busy times. Also the toilet door is a sliding door not a pulling door. Just so you know.

Recommendations please - where have you recently discovered?



  1. I ate a meal from Strut & Cluck while I was in London which rocked my world - all about turkey basically. I don't know what the restaurant is actually like though as it was from Deliveroo. Really tasty.
    I still photograph my food if it's exciting or different. I have a picture of ribs on my phone that I look back at fondly ;-)

  2. I take pictures sometimes, when I remember or if I can be bothered- only usually if something looks very pretty. It's not in London but the Waffle House (St Albans or Norwich) always make their food look so pretty- they fan out the avocado and split the waffles into triangles and things, so I am sure I have a lot of photos of the same things from there!


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