Monday, 1 August 2016

Life: July Round-Up

July is always one of my favourite months. In my head there's that long summer break to look forward to and nearly five years into working life the lack of one still hits hard. I can't complain though - I took off to New York and Barcelona in July and the long, light days and heatwave meant that being in London felt like a holiday too.

1. Lunch from the Mae Deli, ordered via Quiqup. This year is the first time I’ve ever ordered take-out food. I know. It’s a weird revelation. You can use my code LILY9359 for a free Quiqup delivery, it’s super speedy and the couriers are so friendly (reciprocated because they are bringing me food).

2. Watermelon juice is my drink of the summer, it’s so good (and becomes excellent in a cocktail). This watermelon and mint juice from the Good Life Eatery was yummy enough to make me not feel bad about spending £6.50 on a juice.

3. A summer party on the banks of the canal in Islington.

4. Visiting the House of Minalima, just around the corner from the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child production.

5. Art Night – this was such a surreal evening, the heavens well and truly opened and I dashed from venue to venue getting very wet and seeing some quite bizarre art in the process.

6. My outfit for the Hello Kitty afternoon tea

7. I love discovering things on my doorstep, as well as 19 Princelet Street which I wrote about here I also recently visited Dennis Severs’ House. It’s so magical, mostly because no talking or phone cameras are allowed (so nice not to see something through other people's iPhones and the silence is lovely).

8. The Barbican looking glittering and lovely.

9. Another juice – this one from the East London Juice Co for desk breakfast, delivered by Quiqup for minimal effort and maximum smugness.
1. Pink hair. I used this Bleach colour which took surprisingly well on my dark blonde hair but most of the colour faded after two washes so this is your festival or holiday hair dye sorted.

2. Whitecross Market is the perfect lunch spot in nice weather - falafel from the Hoxton Beach stall.

3. The Ragnar Kjartansson exhibition at the Barbican is one of the best I’ve been to. His performance art is so immersive and the time and personal effort he puts in to some of his creations is mind-blowing. In this section musicians strum guitars for eight hours each day, for every day of the exhibition - its beautiful but also feels like you're intruding on their music-making. The best sort of art is the kind that makes you feel a little uncomfortable but unable to tear yourself away.

4. Scandinavian Pain – Kjartansson's neon installation on the roof of the Barbican Centre.

5. Aliens on Bishopsgate.

6. BFG dream jars have popped up all around London. There’s a map of them all here. This one is by the Delevigne sisters and is outside South Kensington tube station.

7. I won’t hear a bad word about warm weather in London. Being awake at 5am for the most beautiful sunrise over Old Street and being reminded after a lot of travel recently that home can be beautiful too.

8. NYC haulin' - the horrible exchange rate rather restrained my shopping on this trip but I still managed a Sephora and CVS haul, partly shown here on my now rather battered NYC map which I've carted around the city on all visits since 2008.

9. Second Movement from the Kjartansson exhibition - head down to the lake at the Barbican Centre every Saturday and Sunday between 1 and 4pm to see two Edwardian ladies rowing their boat while locked in a never-ending kiss. Again, there's something beautiful but also intrusive and voyeuristic about this. Kudos to the performers, I'm sure a four hour kiss isn't as fun as it sounds regardless of the formal Edwardian costumes in a London heatwave.

I feel a bit of a "bad blogger" condensing all of this into one post when I could have got so much more ~content~ but, seriously, it's been far too hot to be anywhere near my laptop or even in my flat. In August I'll be bringing you my NYC and Barcelona travel guides, my week of trying to live for free (well, eat and be entertained) in London and yoga from unusual locations... Happy August all!



  1. Some really great pictures! I really love July too. Sophie x

  2. You are so hip and cool. Honestly your life makes mine pale in comparison!! So much to see and do in London it's unreal - but then that would make sense it being the capital...Southampton is just so boring hehe.


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