Sunday, 24 July 2016

Travel: New York, New York

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That final glimpse of New York City skyline from JFK airport. 
If, like me, you're a committed city person, then New York City is the city. My notes from the red eye back to London of all the little things (full city guide to come once my brain is back in gear):-

~ being downtown on 2nd Avenue, stopping in the middle of the road for the clear view straight uptown

~ seeing the top of the Freedom Tower from the West Village and remembering everything this city has been through

~ wandering around the East Village listening to Bright Eyes' "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning" like its 2005

~ being at the end of a cross street and feeling like you might fall off the end of the earth (or just into the East River)

~ a very strong gin and elderflower martini in Lexington Bar and Books

~ ordering a second one

~ having the city all to yourself in July (everyone else is in the Hamptons)

~ the somewhat varied clientele of bars that let one smoke indoors

~ the San Remo building reflected in the Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

~ that where your friend lives is an "apartment" but that the place you call home in London is most definitely a "flat"

~ buying Essie nail polishes in Duane Reade at 2am just because you can

~ Vitamin Water Zero as the perfect antidote to said gin martinis

~ free yoga in Bryant Park, in the rain, realising that the laughter you can hear is your own



  1. New York is such a fab city but I am definitely more of a country girl I think. I don't mind visiting places like London or New York but I very much need to escape quickly afterwards! I do love the different foods and things you can do though that seem so rare and hard to find in more rural areas.

  2. It sounds amazing! I'd love to visit someday, every time I see a TV show or film set there it always looks so unique. I'd definitely love to try one (or five haha) of the gin martinis.

  3. Aaaaah all of this sounds great. I must go back.

    My Sentimental Heart



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