Friday, 1 July 2016

Life: June Round-Up

Summer is officially here, my favourite season by far - nothing is better than it still being light at 10pm even if it hailed at a BBQ I was at last weekend and we had to eat indoors, that's a British summer for you!

Weather aside, the last week has been pretty unsettling following the outcome of the EU referendum and the subsequent falling apart of our two main political parties. I've seen a lot of blog posts starting with "politics doesn't belong on a lifestyle blog but..." or "I don't usually talk about politics but..." and you know what, I really think we should all talk about politics more. Yes, this is a lifestyle blog and I'm not a political commentator but politics affects all of our lives and is something that we should be engaging in. I am so proud of my friends (online and offline) who have been so passionate and eloquent about their views and despite my own heartbroken feelings over the result I've enjoyed debating the issues over lengthy WhatsApp chats and at the pub over (much-needed) G&Ts.
The summer of 2012 when we welcomed the world with open arms for the London Olympics and when the whole country cheered on Mo Farah now seems like a lifetime ago and at the moment I can't imagine feeling that pride in my country ever again but I'm hopeful that one day I will. Kindness and compassion will always rise above fear and hatred.

Anyway, here's what my June has looked like:

1. Dinner at Pham Sushi on Whitecross Street - as well as the market the restaurants along the street are well worth checking out in the evening.

2. Dinner at Ippudo, Canary Wharf - yes, this cucumber cost £4.50 but its the best cucumber you will ever have.

3. Breakfasting on eggs and kaya toast. I brought a jar back from Singapore, it's super rich but oh-so-good. I spread mine on rye toast to feel a bit better about eating something so decadent.

4. Dressing up - this vintage-inspired dress was picked up in Dorothy Perkins for £16. Sometimes the shops you always walk past have hidden gems.

5. Time Out magazine and breakfast at my desk. The summer solstice and long, light days have made me fall in love with this city all over again after a few months of 'blah'.

6. So, I went into Liberty to get a matcha tea from Tombo and on trying to find the loos I accidentally brought this. I mean, YOLO - I probably won't be going on as many European weekends after what happened on the 23rd.

7. Eliza and I had a fun evening at Taste of London - yes, it's an absolute purse-drainer with a £29 entrance fee and then £5-6 per stall for tiny portions but the G&Ts were appropriately strong at least. Starting with a pea puree with pea and mint cake, crushed peanuts and olive oil from vegetarian restaurant Vanilla Black.

8. The least photogenic but my favourite of the night - miso aubergine with a sticky sesame glaze from Kurobata.

9. A Thai-style tofu and papaya salad from Champor Champor.

1. Running the City of London Mile - super fun and surprisingly tough for such a short distance because I always feel rubbish for the first ten minutes of any run.

2. I love these faces around London by Anna Laurini Blue - this one is in Soho - in the moment.

3. Loved wearing this silver American Apparel dress, I'm not normally this er, daring about having certain parts of my body on show but I don't want to get to 90 and regret never cutting the tags off.

4. Uniqlo Oxford Street has picture perfect windows and the roof garden of John Lewis where this was taken from is pretty cute too.

5. 10pm on the night of my solstice - one of the 3-4 nights per year that I am grateful to have a balcony.

6. Duke of York Square - redecorated for the Rolling Stones exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery.

7. Polish food - celebrating that the UK would almost certainly remain in the EU pre-referendum results at Mamuska.  Oh, wait.

8. Visiting the Scandinavian Market in Canada Water which takes place between the Norwegian and Finnish churches.

9. Sunday wanderings in Shoreditch.

Other things I've loved this month:

- I haven't experimented in the kitchen much lately but these raw iced gems look incredible

- I posted on where to have lunch in the Square Mile and I love Hannah's guide to lunching in Farringdon

- When times are tough, this article never fails to put a smile on my face

- I love this post by Becky on creating whiter, brighter photos

- I am so jealous of all of Charlie's travel posts
- Katy's post last Friday summed up everything I felt that morning
- Hannah's words are always spot on


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