Thursday, 2 June 2016

Life: May Round Up

Another shorter monthly round-up as May has seen more travels, insane tiredness and attempted frugality. Sometimes adult life seems to pass with few markers or milestones, at any given moment on a work day at any time of year it feels like 3pm on a November afternoon as time, days and seasons blur into one. With the coincidental timing of a few of my friends currently being pregnant and others soon to be getting married the blurred weeks have come into sharper focus as they count down to something bigger than the next weekend, the next holiday. I may not have any life changing events to count down to but its a reminder not to sleep walk my way through life, to notice the little things and be thankful that it's not 3pm on a November afternoon.

1. British summer, you have so far managed one nice weekend. Must try harder.

2. Still can't get enough Vietnamese food and finally tried Bep Haus on Bow Lane - the tofu bahn mi baguette made for a tasty lunch break.

3. Reliving your teenage dream - I saw Busted at Wembley and despite having no recollection of being a particular fan of theres I still knew all the words to most of the songs.

4. Eating lunch by the river, remembering how the Shard wasn't even there when I first moved to London.

5. Sophie cooked dinner for Hannah and I when we had a little weekend away in Essex- veggie tacos from an Anna Jones recipe, the crispy beetroot is something I need to attempt.

6. I don't recall signing up to a 10km walk but it was fun regardless. I tend to avoid central London like the plague but Hyde Park really is quite beautiful.

7. Frappucinos used to be a daily summer staple - my diet is a little different now but I had to have one for nostalgia during "happy hour".

8. The Manic Street Preachers played Everything Must Go in full at the Royal Albert Hall - they are always an absolute pleasure to see live and peering over the balcony gave me the best gig view I've had in a long time.

9. I think this is my favourite photo of the year so far - Tabl sent me a polaroid of it for my scrap book <3 nbsp="" p="">


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