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Beauty: Summer Haircare

tips for longer hair

 I am my hair.

At the start of this year I toyed with the idea of getting the chop. Not a trim or a long bob but a proper pixie cut. I wimped out and decided that I wanted my long hair of old back but having had it cut into a "Rosamund-Pike-in-Gone -Girl"-esque bob at the end of 2014 my hair was in that sad in-between phase where it just felt blah... A few months on and while it's not quite as long as I'd like it to be I finally feel like I have "long hair" again. These are my favourite products and tips for aspiring Rapunzels...

tips for longer hair

1. Regular trims - it seems counter-intuitive but I've probably had about 6 inches cut from my hair over the last year or so by way of a trim every 3-4 months (that counts as regular to me as London hairdressers require a small mortgage for each visit). The loss of length is made up for in healthier looking hair and apparently promotes growth.

2. No heat - a friend with waste length hair never uses heat on it and I've tried to follow suit. I've never been one for straighteners as my hair is already fine and straight but blow drying is very damaging too - I try to let my hair dry naturally as much as possible and my various curling tongs and wands have long been gathering dust.

3. Tangle Teaser and backcombing brush - hair breakage is the enemy for anyone wanting long hair. The Tangle Teaser is such a savour for post shower combing and for detangling at the end of the day if I've had my hair down. I used to backcomb with a plastic comb but the backcombing brush is so much gentler and the natural bristles are much more hair-friendly than plastic teeth.

4. Coconut oil - regular conditioner weighs my hair down so I tend not to use it but coconut oil once a week is a great hair treatment. I melt a little in the palm of my hand before running it through the mid-lengths to ends of dry hair before twisting it up in a bun and leaving it overnight or during the day while I run errands and don't interact with fellow humans. If you have fine hair like me use it sparingly but for 49p a pot nothing else makes my hair as soft and shiny!

5. Lush Solid Shampoo bars - I stopped using regular shampoo last year when I noticed that it was giving me eczema around my hairline (gross). I've been using the solid shampoos on and off since I was a teen but now they're the only thing I wash my hair with - one bar lasts forever (I wash my hair every 3 - 4 days), they are super gentle, smell amazing and so much easier to transport in my gym bag or suitcase than regular shampoo. These new purchase are Smuggler's Soul (purple) and Jason And The Argan Oil (pink) but the whole range is great.

6. Seven Seas sent me their Perfect 7 Women vitamins which contain Biotin for healthy hair. My hairdresser recommended this a few months ago and I started taking a biotin only supplement but switched to these as they also contain zinc for healthy skin and nails (as well as boosting energy and brain function). In a relatively short amount of time I've noticed new baby hairs growing and my nails are now so long that they clatter on my phone keyboard (no complaints from me as I've always had short, weak nails).

7. Invisbobbles - I wear my hair up most days (the key to being able to wash it less often as it means I don't touch and play with my hair at all) and these bobbles are (as much as I hate this word) a game changer. They don't break, slip out of my hair or snag. Each bobble lasts a good few months and they don't leave annoying hairband marks - I'm never without one of these in my hair and at least one in my bag.

tips for longer hair

Do you have any more hair-growing tips for me?


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