Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Working It: Yoga Across The Glass Floor at Tower Bridge

I'm always looking to take my yoga practice to unusual locations - while I love my yoga teacher at Virgin Active, the basement studio which had a leaking ceiling for ~2 years isn't very inspirational. Last year's yoga with the dolphins at the Mirage in Vegas was a pretty memorable class and when a long-ago made booking for Yoga Across The Glass floor at Tower Bridge popped up in my calendar I crossed my fingers for sunshine and set my alarm for 6am...

tower bridge yoga glass floor

I've never been up Tower Bridge before because, like everything in London, the trip to the top is probably extortionate and rammed with people. Early in the morning with no tourists and just the early City workers walking to work its actually quite peaceful, an old lift takes you up to the walkways and a newly installed glass floor offers a view of the bridge and river below. Finger crossing did not have a positive effect on the weather but despite it being an overcast day the views were still amazing - I've lived in this city for too long (nearly nine years) but the views still make me happy and seeing the river stretched out in front and below me and seeing London life reduced to toy-town size was pretty magical.

tower bridge yoga glass floor

The glass floor area is actually pretty small and in the class I attended there wasn't room for everyone on it - it's a bit of a shame how everything in London feels like an attempt to rinse money from you (the class was £25 so I felt like I was paying a £10 premium for location and novelty). Why not just sell a few less tickets to make it slightly less cramped? (Tip - arrive early, earlier than recommended on the ticket...) I spent the first part of my practice terrified of accidentally whacking the person next to me but once I'd got over my initial annoyance I did really enjoy the class. The yoga instructor was great - as an aspiring yoga teacher myself these type of classes must be the hardest to teach as you'll get a mix of experienced yogis and complete novices just there for the view or dragged along by a friend.

tower bridge yoga glass floor

The 45 minute class went through gentle early morning stretching and sun salutation sequences - very appropriate given the setting! There were plenty of opportunities to enjoy the view while in standing or floor-based poses. I'd recommend a pair of gripp-y yoga socks (I have these) for working on the glass floor as using a mat will block the best part of the view (mats are provided anyway so no need to bring your own). While the yoga was beginner level, I think you'd enjoy this more if you've been to a few yoga classes or at least done some YouTube videos and are familiar with the key asanas and some "yoga speak".

tower bridge yoga glass floor

The website doesn't currently appear to be offering any more of these classes but I'd recommend checking back soon if you're interested.

I've booked Sky High Yoga at 20 Fenchurch Street for next month for a bargain £10 (feel like thi is cheap by London standards for even a regular yoga class) and I'd love to do Yoga at the Shard but it's maybe one for a birthday present (hint hint) as its a little pricey...


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  1. Nope nope NOPE. I don't do heights!! This gave me the absolute heebies - no way I would be focusing on my breathing! x


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