Friday, 27 May 2016

Recipe: Persian Green Salad

This month Florette challenged me to create a salad recipe worthy of a designer salad bowl. With barbecue season definitely in full swing (British weather dependent of course), it's the perfect time of year for big, sharing salad bowls and this Jessica Hogarth designed bowl is perfect for any eating al fresco moment. You can win your own designer salad bowl with promotional packs here.

Florette designer salad bowl

This month's challenge box contained aioli, pine nuts, poppy seed crackers and barberries. The barberries made me think of my childhood - my Persian family would send over bags of the super sour dried berries which are traditionally used in a special occasion dish with rice, chicken and saffron which is eaten for the Persian new year and when guests come for dinner. Their sweet and sour taste perfectly complements savoury dishes rather than being a granola-topping type dried berry so I've created a salad using their flavour but with a summery twist. The mix of the chewy spelt grains, creamy avocado, tart berries and crunchy pine nuts means that this salad definitely won't end up wilting in a sad corner and it'd also make a great meal itself.

persian green salad

persian green salad

Ingredients (for one giant bowl):

Bag of Florette Crispy Salad
Half a cucumber, sliced
Half an avocado
Flat leaf parsley
1 Cup cooked spelt or barley
Plain yogurt

1. Start by arranging the salad leaves in the bowl, add the warm spelt or barley and mix through.

2. Throw in the cucumber slices and add a sprinkle of pine nuts and barberries. Tear the parsley and add this to the salad.

3. Meanwhile, make the dressing by mixing one part aioli to four parts plain yogurt and adding a little water to thin it out into a dressing consistency.

4. Halve the avocado, score squares into it while its still in its skin and then gently pop out the pieces. Sprinkle them with a little lemon juice and pop the other half of the avocado face down on a plate in the fridge to keep it from going brown and ruining tomorrow's avocado toast Instagram.

5. Add the heart-shaped crackers and drizzle the dressing over, serve the rest of the dressing on the side or keep it in the fridge as a dip.

persian green salad

persian green salad


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  1. looks delicious, especially the biscuits xx


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