Sunday, 1 May 2016

Life: April Round-Up

A slightly shorter round-up this month because as of two weeks ago I'll have been holidaying in Vietnam and Singapore and those photos won't have made the cut! I feel like I've spent most the first two weeks of April half trying to wear winter clothes for the last time and half trying to convince myself that the weather is nice enough to wear spring clothes when it hasn't been. This culminated in me wearing a beach dress, opaque black tights and a coat for a (thankfully) solo coffee date.

In pictures:

1. Breakfast at the Royal Exchange - the bircher museli is such a good start to the day and slightly less sinful than their amazing granola.

2. Kon-Mari-ing my apartment (well, trying to because minimalism will never really be my thing) and I find a dress I bought over two years ago with the tags still on.

3. Recent empties - sad times when most of these were bought in the US or Korea...

4. Lunch at Rossopomadoro in John Lewis - accidentally vegan cheese-free pizza. I'm not vegan but I hate cheese and dairy products so most days I do end up eating vegan but y'know just booked afternoon tea at the Hello Kitty café so not quite ready to go all the way yet.

5. A tofu bento box for lunch at Taro - I didn't take weekday lunch breaks for two years and I've now realised what a grim error that was.

6. Whistles sale bargains (ok, it was still £70) but I couldn't resist this top. Even if it is hand wash only and who has time for that.

7. Zizzi now have a (small but adequate) vegan menu - there's even a gluten free pizza. This was topped with cheese made with almond milk so I had to try it for research purposes despite already having had pizza that week.

8. Lunch at the Royal Exchange - hummus, avocado and egg on ciabatta, really must stop going here when I'm attempting to be on a budget but this was good and only the second time I've eaten something resembling avo toast. Less of an Instagram cliche than you might think,

9. An "off-brand" Instagram but maybe I'll be on Google Street View soon, wearing a red coat with gold buttons and eagerly snapping a picture of the camera car.

From the internet... I loved this post by Laura on the subject of Instagram and found myself nodding along. I look back at some of my early IGs and think "why the hell did I post such a bad photo" but those 2012 days were different times, my friends (let's not even get started on what Snapchat used to be like)... I am one of those weird people who doesn't like dogs but Michelle's puppy Milo is insanely cute! Sometimes I feel like it's wellness wellness wellness everywhere but wtf should I even have for lunch? Lucy has taken it back to basics with ten simple healthy habits. I've booked flights to NYC for July and love Hannah's old school trip planning idea.

How was your April?



  1. That pizza looks amazing - I definitely need to visit Zizzis sometime soon! I was also on Google Street View a few years ago, I wasn't wearing anything nice so I'm glad they updated it!

    Caz | This is Caz

  2. I'm the same with pizza. I'm not a huge mozzarella fan (unless it's super fresh) and melted cheddar and generally this is what consumes pizza. I like cheese-less ones or ones with goat's cheese on. Something a bit more exciting you know?

  3. It sounds like you have been super busy, I love the sound of that bircher muesli, it's my favourite!

    Maria xxx

  4. Heh, thanks for the Milo shoutout! Man, I feel like I haven't seen you in forever - we need to fix this ASAP! Hope you had the best time in Vietnam and Singapore, I can't wait to hear all about it xx


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