Friday, 1 April 2016

Life: March Round-Up

March is over so I'm now officially on holiday countdown - Vietnam in 17 days! This March hasn't felt particularly spring-like, has it? Cue rainbow brights and Easter treats for this month's round up, then, with a side of monthly musings.

1. Veggie sushi from The Japan Centre - one of the best places in London for authentic but affordable sushi.

2. Bibimbap veggie wrap from Bubble Wrap at Whitecross Market, on a day when it was just about warm enough to eat outside.

3. Drinks at the Irish Embassy for the #SpiritOfSharing event - such a fun night sampling some of Ireland's alcohol exports. Forever grateful for the crazy opportunities this blog brings my way.

4. Rainbow of leggings at the American Apparel pop-up on Brick Lane. I bought two crazy dresses which I hope to have the weather (and bravery) to wear soon.

5. Eating the rainbow. You can't not be happy eating dyed bread - Beigel Shop on Brick Lane will fill one of these with cream cheese for £1.10. That's a bargain breakfast in London, and for a bread-avoider it felt like Christmas had come early.

6. Wanding around Shoreditch listening to hipsters conversations (about cycling, flat whites, authenticity, gentrification, veganism etc etc) and taking pictures of buildings. I like to amuse myself when I'm out on my own.

7. Friday night outfit for hosting a mini party (in my very mini flat). Still just about young enough that I can feed my friends gin and crips. But now old enough that my friends can drink red wine and not spill it.

8. Taiwanese bubble tea from the...

9. ...Dumpling Heart Taiwanese food market in Shoreditch. So glad I swung by this and hopefully it'll be back in the summer.

1. Breakfast at the Royal Exchange - I actually do work in the City but it's only when I go to places like this that I actually feel like I do, it's so old school and the service is tip-top.

2. Wandering around Southwark and taking a wrong turn and feeling like I'm in a quaint village (aside from The Shard popping up in the background). This city still makes me smile on an almost daily basis.

3. An 8am private view of the Painting The Modern Garden exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts.  Such a lovely exhibition, even pre-coffee, even when the Piccadilly line was on strike.

4. Easter cake and a soya cappuccino in John Lewis while spending some John Lewis vouchers and feeling like a real grown-up.

5. Apparently stirring an egg into porridge is a thing. I got given a special kind of egg and decided to give it a go for a better start to my morning. The porridge is made with almond milk so it's healthy, right?

6. Raw brazil nut cups with dark chocolate - basically a mash up of a couple of recipes I found under the #vegan hashtag on Instagram (a raw brazil nut cookie dough with raw chocolate inside).

7. March 21st was the Persian new year (and the start of spring, psssh) - doing multiculturalism proud by eating Persian foods and hitting the dance floor with my parents.

8. Popping in to the new Barbican exhibition - Strange and Familiar is one of the best in a while. I thought about some of the photographs for the rest of my day.

9. My mum and I made some Easter cupcakes, I wanted to make vegan versions of the Shredded Wheat nests I made as a child but the only vegan eggs I could find were ridiculously expensive (but ridiculously good) Hotel Chocolat ones.

How was your March?



  1. Those bagels look amazing! I'm so envious of your up-coming holiday! x

  2. I still can't believe you're off so soon! Have fun!

    - Elodie x

  3. Sometimes I think all food should be multi-coloured! xx

  4. The eggs and porridge - it BLEW my mind. How was it? Exceedingly delicious or ridiculously sickly?
    Looking forward to seeing your adventures in Vietnam!


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