Friday, 15 April 2016

Life: Spring Chat

Well, springtime is officially here and it's time for a catch-up of sorts. A little diary entry for my blog because I'm sure every year speeds by that bit faster and it's sometimes nice to stop and take stock - I love how blogging is an online diary and sometimes those diary entries can be a little more real than just some cute filtered snaps. Sometimes you need a little moment to offload your thoughts, step back from your ASOS saved items list and reassure yourself that dying alone with cats isn't going to happen in the next minute (which is all you really need to worry about). So these are the little things, the back-of-mind thoughts of right now and I wonder which ones I'll still keep with me in a year's time and which, but for this blog post, will have been long forgotten about?

Neon art at Lights of Soho - new favourite pop-in for a coffee.
~ I am, for the first time in my true adult life, sticking to a weekly budget and it's so satisfying. I give myself a set amount per week for food, travel, socialising etc. and I've actually been sticking to it. Someone give me a Grown-Up Point.

~ I decided to dip my toe back into London's murky dating waters by downloading Happn. Too many of the male profile pictures are taken in the changing rooms of the gym that I go to and it unsettles me to scroll through people as I would the ASOS Petite range.

Happy afternoons with coffee and a Starbucks spring cup.
~ The day after said foray into online dating the screen literally fell of my iPhone. A sign from the universe if ever there was one. I taped it back together while slicing my fingertips apart, panicked that I wouldn't be able to Instagram tomorrow's breakfast and have since switched to team Samsung Galaxy which has a larger range of cat emojis.

~ I feel sort of lucky to be in the generation of people who (just about) remember life before the internet came and stole our souls. I felt so lost sans iPhone for two whole days but I remembered how I used to find my way around without GoogleMaps, I don't need to message my friends every 20 minutes to check that they still like me and the city has its own soundtrack which doesn't always need to be drowned out by those awful Apple earphones.

My favourite cup - flowers and birds!
~ I'm reading Game of Thrones at the moment (book 4 currently) and will actually scream at anyone who tries to talk about the TV show in my presence. I'm in awe that in the days of binge watching Netflix a book has made me laugh, (almost) cry and feel a tiny bit sick. One scene in particular I audibly gasped at while on a bus but this is London and you could probably noisily die in the street and no one would notice. Reading is one of my biggest joys and far more satisfying than starting at a screen or being sent a "hilarious" Tinder screenshot.

~ Timehop keeps reminding me that this time last year I was running 20 miles by myself and feeling like I could do anything ahead of running the London Marathon. I hope present and future me can tap into this feeling, despite the fact that I am typing this under three layers of blankets while watching a re-run of Man V Food.

~ I'm going to be a bridesmaid for the first time ever next year (at the age of 29!). I'm excited but I think the "big news" of a few friends recently (i.e. they are collecting far more Grown-Up Points than I am) has spurred me on to get my act together. Oh, wait, though, Food Network has just informed me that this is a Man V Food double bill. And I still have 2 GoT books to read...

The venti cup but it was free - how is this actually an acceptable amount of caffeine? 
~ I'm newly grateful for the friends I've made through the crazy internet - while I'm old enough that I don't get what Periscope is and am terrified by Tinder, I've found my crew on Twitter and Instagram and I still find that mind-blowingly amazing. London is fast-paced, impersonal and its easy to feel alone despite being surrounded by so many people - the internet's far from perfect but I love it all the same for letting me find people who Instagram food as much as I do.

Instagramming lunch at Blacklock in Soho.

~ I'm off on holiday for the rest of April so (shameless plug) follow my Instagram for a Vietnam and Singapore style grid. I may schedule some posts for while I'm away but...I equally may not. See y'all in real time in May! 



  1. Urgh, grown-up points. I lost all of mine when I quit my job to travel and I'm more than happy to pass them over to people who want to cash them in for marriage and babies right now. I'll wait, thanks! As for internet friends, we MUST catch up when I'm back in the country please! Have you been to Singapore before? Happy to pass on some recommendations if you need any!

  2. I can't believe it's been a year since the marathon!

    My Sentimental Heart



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