Thursday, 28 April 2016

Fashion: Fun eBay Finds

Half of me is intent on clearing out my fast fashion-filled wardrobe, creating the perfect capsule clothes rail and only buying quality investment pieces. The other half has just bought a Game of Thrones print skirt on eBay. As a teen I loved dressing in Camden Market's finest offerings - fishnet tights, tartan mini skirts, skull and rose prints, far too much black eyeliner... maybe this is why I struggle to conform to a paired down wardrobe or to buy anything labelled "workwear" and refuse to ever wear a grey skirt-suit. Maybe it's also the realisation that grown-up life is full of things that are serious and less-than-fun and that even if today's task is reading the electricity meter (um, how?) and tonight's conversation will enviably be house prices, mortgages and who has the most weddings to attend this summer, having a few fun pieces to wear while pretending to be a grown-up (or denying that I actually now somehow am) makes life seem a little less serious. 

Emojis are inescapable - when friends started using them on iOS at first I felt a little bit this-isn't-MSN-messenger but now I've been sucked in - they're such an antidote to writing "apologies for the delay" and "kind regards" multiple times per day and it's a super lazy but very satisfying way to communicate with anyone aged 9 - 90... Emoji print dress.

Half of my Instagram feed is avocado on toast (although I have actually only eaten it once myself because I don't really like toast) and avocado seems to have become part of almost every meal to the point where I think someone is deliberately withholding where I can buy avocados that are not either rock hard or already gross brown mush... Powered By Avocado body.

So, I'm totally obsessed with reading Game of Thrones and everyone else is obsessed with watching it. 2015 was the year of the Cumberbitch t-shirt but 2016 will be the year of the (slightly less obvious) Westoros map-print skirt... Game Of Thrones skater skirt.

#catsofinstagram is my favourite hashtag - whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed with life a few minutes of scrolling through cat pictures makes me feel calmer. I'm sure there's some scientific theory that stroking cats is good for you so pictures must have a little of the effect. For the future cat lady... Cat Print skater dress

I recently switched from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy and so obviously need to buy a "wardrobe" of phone cases to stop my Alpha meeting the same fate as my iPhone. I have a wallet-style case for throwing in my bag and for when out running but for mirror selfies...Silicone Marshmallow-Print case.

Lastly, it'll be summer soon and even if your main ports of call are the office, the gym and er, indoors it makes total sense to spend a large amount of thought and a significant amount of money on beach and festival clothes for the 3 days when you'll actually need them... Tie Die beach dress.

What necessary but totally unnecessary frivolous purchases have you made lately?


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