Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Working It: Contortion at Gymbox

One of my new year's resolutions it to be able to do the splits (again - as a child gymnastics enthusiast they were so damn easy!). Sitting at a desk and in front of Netflix doesn't exactly do wonders for our flexibility - in fact, sitting for long periods actually shortens the muscles in our hips and legs which not only makes doing the splits impossible but makes our muscles stiff and tight which is no fun. Even if you have no desire to do the full splits, flexibility benefits every sport and is kinda helpful in real life too (y'know, tying shoelaces and painting those in-between-pedicure toenails).

Contortion class gymbox
Yoga blocks to help with those deep stretches.
 Contortion at Gymbox promises a deep stretch, focusing on flexibility and the opening of tight muscles. The class is perfect for yogis (where flexibility is hugely helpful), a great compliment to aerial classes or for those times where your muscles just need a really good stretch. And if you sit at a desk all day like me, that's probably every day. 

Contortion class gymbox
Stretching out.
The class I attended, led by the very flexible and super friendly Jess, focused on the splits as well as some upper body work (tense shoulders being another side effect of all that desk sitting). The one-hour class is suitable for all levels - my flexibility is already quite good as a result of my yoga practice but I was able to push myself those few millimetres further and the class is fun and light-hearted to an awesome soundtrack so it really doesn't matter how far you can stretch or if you lose your balance! If you find yoga a bit intimidating, a bit too serious or a bit too "hippie" then this class is a great alternative and if you already love yoga its a great complement to your practice. I could really feel my muscles loosening - like all physical activity it really is mind over matter; when Jess encouraged us to "tell" our muscles to relax I managed to stretch that little bit further. I left the class feeling nice and chilled and with a feeling that this year's resolution might just be one that I manage to keep...

Contortion class gymbox
The splits! My fellow class participants were awesome and were happy to be in my pictures :) 
Thanks to Gymbox for the class at Gymbox Stratford.



  1. This looks really fun! I too was a gymnast as a child and love my yoga so I'll have to look out for something like this.

  2. This looks amazing! And the atmosphere there seems incredibly chilled - just look at those smiles!

    - Elodie x



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