Thursday, 28 April 2016

Fashion: Fun eBay Finds

Half of me is intent on clearing out my fast fashion-filled wardrobe, creating the perfect capsule clothes rail and only buying quality investment pieces. The other half has just bought a Game of Thrones print skirt on eBay. As a teen I loved dressing in Camden Market's finest offerings - fishnet tights, tartan mini skirts, skull and rose prints, far too much black eyeliner... maybe this is why I struggle to conform to a paired down wardrobe or to buy anything labelled "workwear" and refuse to ever wear a grey skirt-suit. Maybe it's also the realisation that grown-up life is full of things that are serious and less-than-fun and that even if today's task is reading the electricity meter (um, how?) and tonight's conversation will enviably be house prices, mortgages and who has the most weddings to attend this summer, having a few fun pieces to wear while pretending to be a grown-up (or denying that I actually now somehow am) makes life seem a little less serious. 

Emojis are inescapable - when friends started using them on iOS at first I felt a little bit this-isn't-MSN-messenger but now I've been sucked in - they're such an antidote to writing "apologies for the delay" and "kind regards" multiple times per day and it's a super lazy but very satisfying way to communicate with anyone aged 9 - 90... Emoji print dress.

Half of my Instagram feed is avocado on toast (although I have actually only eaten it once myself because I don't really like toast) and avocado seems to have become part of almost every meal to the point where I think someone is deliberately withholding where I can buy avocados that are not either rock hard or already gross brown mush... Powered By Avocado body.

So, I'm totally obsessed with reading Game of Thrones and everyone else is obsessed with watching it. 2015 was the year of the Cumberbitch t-shirt but 2016 will be the year of the (slightly less obvious) Westoros map-print skirt... Game Of Thrones skater skirt.

#catsofinstagram is my favourite hashtag - whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed with life a few minutes of scrolling through cat pictures makes me feel calmer. I'm sure there's some scientific theory that stroking cats is good for you so pictures must have a little of the effect. For the future cat lady... Cat Print skater dress

I recently switched from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy and so obviously need to buy a "wardrobe" of phone cases to stop my Alpha meeting the same fate as my iPhone. I have a wallet-style case for throwing in my bag and for when out running but for mirror selfies...Silicone Marshmallow-Print case.

Lastly, it'll be summer soon and even if your main ports of call are the office, the gym and er, indoors it makes total sense to spend a large amount of thought and a significant amount of money on beach and festival clothes for the 3 days when you'll actually need them... Tie Die beach dress.

What necessary but totally unnecessary frivolous purchases have you made lately?


Sunday, 24 April 2016

Recipe: #SpringSalads Tofu Scramble

Spring is here and (climate change and snow-in-April permitting) so is all the lovely seasonal spring produce. Lighter evenings and (hopefully) warmer temperatures call for fresh flavours and this month Florette challenged me to come up with a spring salad creation. I also got sent some lovely goodies to inspire me - flaxseed is high in fibre and Omega 3 and is easy to add to a whole range of dishes for additional goodness and this spray on balsamic dressing might just be the best invention ever.

Weekend brunch is the perfect time for testing out a new recipe idea - I'd never made a tofu scramble before and have to admit I was sceptical but it was so easy to make and so tasty. Perfect for if you don't eat or don't like eggs - the texture is the same as scrambled eggs but there's no "eggy" taste and tofu is super high in protein so this is a great vegan brunch for days when you want something a little more grown up than Oreo cereal. I served my scramble with a fresh spring-inspired side salad - asparagus isn't in season for long so make the most of it while it is.


- One pack of plain tofu
- One bag of Florette baby kale
- Asparagus
- Cherry tomatoes
- Capers (optional if you don't like them)
- Balsamic vinegar
- Seasoning for the tofu - I used tumeric, smoked paprika and a little bit of hot sauce
- Flaxseed (optional)


1. Press the tofu (the first time I cooked with tofu I didn't press it and it was grim) - I put the tofu on a plate, put another plate on top of the tofu and then put a hardcover book on top to weigh it down. This makes me feel like such a hippie until I go off and check Instagram for 15 minutes. Once pressed, pat the tofu dry with kitchen paper and "scramble" it with a fork.

2. Heat a frying pan and wilt the baby kale, throw in the tomatoes and asparagus for a few minutes and set to one side once warmed through.

3. Add the tofu to the pan and sprinkle with your seasoning of choice - I used tumeric and paprika for their colour (otherwise the tofu scramble will be white and not look very appetising) and a glug of hot sauce for a spicy brunch-time kick. Tofu doesn't really have a taste so while this gives it a bad rep as being bland it means that you can flavour it however you like. Tumeric not only gives the perfect egg-like colour but is an anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants and the paprika and hot sauce give it a Mexican-inspired flavour. While cooking, sprinkle over the flaxseeds and stir through (they won't affect the end taste), moving the tofu around the pan so that it cooks evenly.

4. The tofu is cooked once the edges start to brown slightly (10-15 minutes). Once done, serve alongside the wilted kale salad and dress with the capers and balsamic vinegar. I kept mine on the low-carb side but this would be great with rye toast or crusty sourdough, too.

vegan tofu scramble recipe

vegan tofu scramble recipe

What are you favourite spring eats?


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

London Dining: April Round-Up

Sunday Lunch at Blacklock Soho

Lazy Sundays need long, late lunches. The kind where you leave the table at 8pm not quite sure where the day has gone. Eliza suggested Blacklock Soho and I just saw "cocktails for a fiver" on the menu and was in. My Nettle Gimlet was small but potent - the perfect start to the meal and not the sort of drink you can finish off quickly! A quick browse of the rest of the menu showed that the restaurant is very meat-focused with its short, simple menu. My dining companions went "all in" for £20 and were presented with a huge platter of roasted meats and vegetables, along with additional sides and sauces. My "sorry I'm vegetarian but I could just order the peas..." was answered with a dish that well surpassed my expectations - a beautiful platter of bright colourful vegetables which included the best sweet potatoes I've ever tasted. I was so happy to have such a delicious plate of food to work at while my friends tucked into a Sunday roast and it was exactly the sort of food I would choose if it were on a menu. For dessert Blacklock continues to keep things simple with one option - a white chocolate cheesecake served from the pan in a huge sharing portion with seasonal fruit. The basement restaurant is surprisingly light and airy and the cocktails and accommodating staff would have me back here with meat-loving friends anytime.

blacklock soho sunday lunch
Nettle Gimlet; veggie platter; all in roast for three people; white chocolate cheesecake
Drinks and Tastings at 155 Bar and Kitchen Clerkenwell

For the Tabl bloggers' event this recent addition to Clerkenwell's already amazing dining scene was our venue. As well as a spacious bar and restaurant upstairs, 155 has a huge downstairs space to host events and was the perfect venue for an evening sampling Brighton Gin, The Fabulous Adventures of 698B, and Opium's gunfire cocktails. I live nearby and will be back for the Saturday brunch!

Brighton Gin with a stick of minty rock. 
Opium's The Gunfire cocktail - inspired by the drink army officers would give their men in the 1800s. This was potent!
Dinner at Itsu Dining, Chelsea

Itsu is a Monday - Friday lunchtime staple, quick, healthy and there's practically one on every corner in Central London. My friend S and I had dinner at Itsu Dining in Chelsea which has two sushi conveyor belts, one with high bar stalls in the front and a cozier option at the back with proper tables - I'd recommend these over the bar if you're planning on a long catch-up! The sushi conveyor is so fun to watch - although its a nightmare if you're indecisive as everything just looks so good... there's a huge range of sushi as well as summer rolls, sashimi, salads and a menu of hot food to order from. The bill came to less than I was expecting and as a dedicated Itsu eater (the half price happy hour before they close makes me happier than most alcoholic happy hours) I'm surprised I'd not yet made it here.

The conveyor belt - everything is labelled and plates are colour-coded by price.
Origins Of Po-Up at Blessings Bar

Sophie and I attended the opening night of London's newest pop-up. Origins Of offers a simple menu of Middle-Eastern inspired dishes - spicy fried chicken, buttermilk infused cauliflower and beetroot falafels served either as tacos on mini flatbreads of in a sharing basket with a selection of dips. Hummus and flatbread is also on the menu along with turmeric-spiced fries. I loved the falafel - it's one of my favourite foods but surprisingly easy to get wrong (and as a veggie you eat enough of it to know the good from the so-so) but these were fresh and crisp tasting and not at all greasy with a vibrant red colour from the beetroot. The cauliflower was a surprise hit, too, it's amazing what spices can do to a usually rather uninspiring vegetable - my child's tastebuds don't usually let cauliflower near them but with a bit of colour and spice its a different story. The setting of Blessings Bar with its bright, light interior makes this pop-up perfect for after a day of hitting the area's markets. Open until early June so hurry on down...

origins of pop up blessings bar
Fireplace goals; falafel in flat bread; falafel, cauliflower and fried chicken tray; the menu- so nice to see loads of veggie options!
Where have you been dining this month?


Friday, 15 April 2016

Life: Spring Chat

Well, springtime is officially here and it's time for a catch-up of sorts. A little diary entry for my blog because I'm sure every year speeds by that bit faster and it's sometimes nice to stop and take stock - I love how blogging is an online diary and sometimes those diary entries can be a little more real than just some cute filtered snaps. Sometimes you need a little moment to offload your thoughts, step back from your ASOS saved items list and reassure yourself that dying alone with cats isn't going to happen in the next minute (which is all you really need to worry about). So these are the little things, the back-of-mind thoughts of right now and I wonder which ones I'll still keep with me in a year's time and which, but for this blog post, will have been long forgotten about?

Neon art at Lights of Soho - new favourite pop-in for a coffee.
~ I am, for the first time in my true adult life, sticking to a weekly budget and it's so satisfying. I give myself a set amount per week for food, travel, socialising etc. and I've actually been sticking to it. Someone give me a Grown-Up Point.

~ I decided to dip my toe back into London's murky dating waters by downloading Happn. Too many of the male profile pictures are taken in the changing rooms of the gym that I go to and it unsettles me to scroll through people as I would the ASOS Petite range.

Happy afternoons with coffee and a Starbucks spring cup.
~ The day after said foray into online dating the screen literally fell of my iPhone. A sign from the universe if ever there was one. I taped it back together while slicing my fingertips apart, panicked that I wouldn't be able to Instagram tomorrow's breakfast and have since switched to team Samsung Galaxy which has a larger range of cat emojis.

~ I feel sort of lucky to be in the generation of people who (just about) remember life before the internet came and stole our souls. I felt so lost sans iPhone for two whole days but I remembered how I used to find my way around without GoogleMaps, I don't need to message my friends every 20 minutes to check that they still like me and the city has its own soundtrack which doesn't always need to be drowned out by those awful Apple earphones.

My favourite cup - flowers and birds!
~ I'm reading Game of Thrones at the moment (book 4 currently) and will actually scream at anyone who tries to talk about the TV show in my presence. I'm in awe that in the days of binge watching Netflix a book has made me laugh, (almost) cry and feel a tiny bit sick. One scene in particular I audibly gasped at while on a bus but this is London and you could probably noisily die in the street and no one would notice. Reading is one of my biggest joys and far more satisfying than starting at a screen or being sent a "hilarious" Tinder screenshot.

~ Timehop keeps reminding me that this time last year I was running 20 miles by myself and feeling like I could do anything ahead of running the London Marathon. I hope present and future me can tap into this feeling, despite the fact that I am typing this under three layers of blankets while watching a re-run of Man V Food.

~ I'm going to be a bridesmaid for the first time ever next year (at the age of 29!). I'm excited but I think the "big news" of a few friends recently (i.e. they are collecting far more Grown-Up Points than I am) has spurred me on to get my act together. Oh, wait, though, Food Network has just informed me that this is a Man V Food double bill. And I still have 2 GoT books to read...

The venti cup but it was free - how is this actually an acceptable amount of caffeine? 
~ I'm newly grateful for the friends I've made through the crazy internet - while I'm old enough that I don't get what Periscope is and am terrified by Tinder, I've found my crew on Twitter and Instagram and I still find that mind-blowingly amazing. London is fast-paced, impersonal and its easy to feel alone despite being surrounded by so many people - the internet's far from perfect but I love it all the same for letting me find people who Instagram food as much as I do.

Instagramming lunch at Blacklock in Soho.

~ I'm off on holiday for the rest of April so (shameless plug) follow my Instagram for a Vietnam and Singapore style grid. I may schedule some posts for while I'm away but...I equally may not. See y'all in real time in May! 


Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Food: Cereal Killer Cafe - Brick Lane

I think most Londoners will be familiar with the Cereal Killer Cafe but outside of our London bubble it's still pretty novel. My "home" home is only 25 minutes away from London but a branch of Zizzi opening there is a Big Deal. I love the diversity of food options in this city, whether it be a Michelin-starred restaurant (rare, these days for me) or a street food stall, when it comes down to it food should be fun and that's exactly what Cereal Killer Cafe is.

Cereal Killer Cafe Brick Lane
Call the sugar police. Novelty cereals from around the world.
The tiny cafe on Brick Lane (there is a Camden Market branch, too) is stocked with more cereal than I have seen before - who knew there were so many varieties? As well as sugar-packed American imports, there are gluten free, vegan and some healthy-ish options too. You can make your own bowl (in a choice of three sizes) with your pick of cereal, milk and topping or chose a "cereal cocktail" from the menu. There are also coffees, milkshakes and, another American favourite, the Poptart. The cafe is packed with cereal-based souvenirs and fitted out with the hipster staple, mis-matched thrift-store furniture.

Cereal Killer Cafe Brick Lane
An Instagram dream.
Cereal Killer Cafe Brick Lane
Milk pouring in action. 
I am a huge cereal fan (my university days were spent dutifully eating Special K for breakfast in the belief that it was super healthy) but these days I rarely eat it and never buy it as I find that I'm always starving a couple of hours later and most cereals are packed with sugar, even if the packing would have you believe otherwise. But, for a weekend breakfast treat an occasional bowl of childish, sugary goodness does no harm - I opted for the "Did I Tell You I Was Vegan" cereal cocktail (Reece's Puffs cereal with Oreo topping - not exactly #eatclean, eh?) with Alpro coconut milk and a soya cappuccino. At £7.40 its not the cheapest breakfast option but the portion was huge and the novelty factor box is well and truly ticked by this place.

The cafe was quiet at 9.30am when I visited but got steadily busier and when I walked past again in the afternoon the queue was huge. It may be a visit-once type of novelty but for days when you just can't Instagram your avocado toast again and want to go back to a time when breakfast took itself a little less cerea-ously then it's just the ticket.

Early mornings on Brick Lane mean you see all of the street art on the shop shutters.
Have you visited any novelty eateries recently?


Sunday, 10 April 2016

Fashion: Summer Wishlist

I don't know, we get one day of blue skies and bright sunshine and despite the temperature being in the low teens I find myself heading out to do errands in a beach dress and heart-shaped sunglasses (worn with a coat and trainers like the style icon I am). I'm a summer girl through and through and can't say no to the opportunity to replenish my summer wardrobe, even though summer pieces past have been worn so infrequently they are still as good as they were when purchased in 2010. Sometimes you just want new things even if you don't need them, right?

As I skip towards my late 20s and as I still haven't grown any taller than 5'2" my summer picks are less trend-led and more just what I want to wear when the sun is out and I'm in a park with a can of M&S gin and tonic in hand. I love sea-like blues and whites, cool fabrics and pieces that I can layer up and start wearing now and well into September too. For a non-jeans wearer I'm currently loving all things denim. Denim skirts were my sixth-form casual staple and it makes me feel both old and young again to see so many of them in the shops this season (although mine will have a slightly longer hemline in 2016 compared to 2006). I'm slowly trying to make my style a little less "girlie girl" but I'll never be able to resist a floral dress for summer and as for the sandals, being a grown-up and germaphobe means no more flip flops in London, sorry credit card...

1. Applique Babydoll Sundress - Topshop
2. Oversized denim jacket - Topshop
3. Alice Embroidered Top - Oasis
4. V&A Harriet Ruffle Dress - Oasis
5. High Waist Denim Skirt - Topshop
6. Bardot Frill Off-Shoulder Top - Topshop
7. Oriana Leather Sandals - Church

What's on your summer wishlist?


Thursday, 7 April 2016

A Day In The City: Neon Lights

I love neon art. It's such an interesting medium - whether its a retro neon sign in Las Vegas or a minimalist Tracey Emin piece, a sign outside a Soho establishment or a purposeful work of art, a flash of neon grabs your attention, holds your gaze and draws you in. Neon can't help but be noticed and its brash appearance and less-than-pure connotations bely a medium that is delicate and difficult to work with.

The window display at Lights of Soho
London has its own neon scene - since falling in love with a Rebecca Mason piece last year and buying a print of hers I've popped into Lights of Soho on Brewer Street whenever I've been in the area and on Good Friday I swung by for another visit and then went on to God's Own Junkyard in Walthamstow which inspired the first Lights of Soho exhibition. The journey to the end of the Victoria line is well worth it - the "junkyard" is an Instagram dream, a slice of Americana in north-east London and a testament to Chris Bracey's life long work in neon. The directions on the site make finding it very easy and it has a cute cafe too so it's the perfect spot for a spare half a day.

I took so many photos (switch on HDR if you're using a phone camera to take photos of neon lights!) but I don't want to give everything away. Entry is free but leave a donation and have a drink in the cafe or outside in the garden if the weather permits; this place is an absolute (neon) gem.


Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Working It: Contortion at Gymbox

One of my new year's resolutions it to be able to do the splits (again - as a child gymnastics enthusiast they were so damn easy!). Sitting at a desk and in front of Netflix doesn't exactly do wonders for our flexibility - in fact, sitting for long periods actually shortens the muscles in our hips and legs which not only makes doing the splits impossible but makes our muscles stiff and tight which is no fun. Even if you have no desire to do the full splits, flexibility benefits every sport and is kinda helpful in real life too (y'know, tying shoelaces and painting those in-between-pedicure toenails).

Contortion class gymbox
Yoga blocks to help with those deep stretches.
 Contortion at Gymbox promises a deep stretch, focusing on flexibility and the opening of tight muscles. The class is perfect for yogis (where flexibility is hugely helpful), a great compliment to aerial classes or for those times where your muscles just need a really good stretch. And if you sit at a desk all day like me, that's probably every day. 

Contortion class gymbox
Stretching out.
The class I attended, led by the very flexible and super friendly Jess, focused on the splits as well as some upper body work (tense shoulders being another side effect of all that desk sitting). The one-hour class is suitable for all levels - my flexibility is already quite good as a result of my yoga practice but I was able to push myself those few millimetres further and the class is fun and light-hearted to an awesome soundtrack so it really doesn't matter how far you can stretch or if you lose your balance! If you find yoga a bit intimidating, a bit too serious or a bit too "hippie" then this class is a great alternative and if you already love yoga its a great complement to your practice. I could really feel my muscles loosening - like all physical activity it really is mind over matter; when Jess encouraged us to "tell" our muscles to relax I managed to stretch that little bit further. I left the class feeling nice and chilled and with a feeling that this year's resolution might just be one that I manage to keep...

Contortion class gymbox
The splits! My fellow class participants were awesome and were happy to be in my pictures :) 
Thanks to Gymbox for the class at Gymbox Stratford.


Sunday, 3 April 2016

Travel: Frequent Flyer - A How To

One of the most frequently asked questions I get in both the real and online worlds that I am happy to give a sensible answer to is: "how are you always on holiday?!" I don't travel for work (I once went to Berlin for the day but that was the beginning and end of my illustrious jet-setting career) and get the standard 25 day holiday allowance but I manage to escape the grey skies of London as often as I can. Here's how to earn your membership to the "frequent flyer" club without breaking the budget too much.

Pack your bags... Ok, this is too much for a short break but packing is a post for another day...
1. Never stop searching - I'm always browsing Skyscanner, EasyJet and RyanAir for cheap deals.  When it comes to Europe, there's not really anywhere on my "must visit" list these days so it's a good way to discover places you wouldn't usually consider - I'd never thought of visiting Denmark until I spotted a £16 flight to Billund - that's cheaper than getting the train to Brighton for the day!

2. Avoid the school holidays - pretty easy (and somewhat desirable) if you don't have children but the prices shoot up around the Easter weekend and in August. Avoid these times if you can - I always used to think that teachers had a sweet deal until I realised how crazily expensive it is to travel in the school holidays.

3. Save your holiday allowance by booking the earliest flight on a Saturday morning and the latest back on a Sunday evening. I've occasionally done a Friday evening flight but it often just means you pay for another night's accommodation only to arrive there at 11pm and go straight to sleep. I prefer to get an early Friday night in London and set the alarm for 4am on Saturday instead. For longer breaks, tack on a few days to a Bank Holiday weekend - make use of the summer bank holidays we have coming up and a few days of annual leave can give you a decent length of time away. In need of destination ideas for particular length breaks - sorted.

4. Accommodation - scour Airbnb and for the best deals. If its just one night I make sure its central to avoid precious travel time and accessible for the airport, too. Look for loyalty programs - in Spain I stay in H10 hotels which have a loyalty club giving free cocktails and free nights accommodation. If its only one night and you're not fussed consider hostels or private rooms in Airbnbs which can be super cheap.

5. The Second (or Third or Fourth) City - for a short break I avoid the capitals, Rome can't be visited in two days and I like to leave somewhere feeling like I don't need to go back, only that I'd want to. Smaller cities are also cheaper, less touristy and mean you can get all the main sights done and still have some downtime for (my favourite) sitting in pavement cafes watching the world go by. Again, keep an open mind and try somewhere new - there are countless German cities on my list and they always pop up on RyanAir's cheap flights lists.

5. Book attractions in advance - when time is tight no one wants to queue. For Amsterdam, I booked Anne Frank's house and the Van Gogh museum online in advance and it was so satisfying to walk straight past the huge entrance queues!

6. Loyalty - if you fly BA for longer trips then make sure you're collecting Avios points which can be used for free European flights. Often the points values are applied unevenly across different destinations so let yourself be guided by a bargain and you'll end up seeing somewhere new and getting a free flight is pretty satisfying.

7. Travelling to the airport - I'm lucky that Heathrow, London City and Stansted airports are easy for me to get to but travelling to the airport can be pricey (ironically more than your £16 flight). The Heathrow Express and Stansted Express offer advance fares which are definitely worth booking as it's so frustrating to forget and have to pay full price the day before. The tube is also an option for Heathrow but remember that from central London it takes a while!

8. Budget - set a budget and make it a fun challenge to stick to it. For my up-coming trip to Denmark I'm making sure that I stick to £200. I've had more than enough weekends in London where I've frittered away more than £200 on drinks, dinner and random Topshop purchases so £200 on a weekend away feels more than worth it for a break from London and a cultural experience (/drinking gin in another city).

What are you top tips for budget travel?


Friday, 1 April 2016

Life: March Round-Up

March is over so I'm now officially on holiday countdown - Vietnam in 17 days! This March hasn't felt particularly spring-like, has it? Cue rainbow brights and Easter treats for this month's round up, then, with a side of monthly musings.

1. Veggie sushi from The Japan Centre - one of the best places in London for authentic but affordable sushi.

2. Bibimbap veggie wrap from Bubble Wrap at Whitecross Market, on a day when it was just about warm enough to eat outside.

3. Drinks at the Irish Embassy for the #SpiritOfSharing event - such a fun night sampling some of Ireland's alcohol exports. Forever grateful for the crazy opportunities this blog brings my way.

4. Rainbow of leggings at the American Apparel pop-up on Brick Lane. I bought two crazy dresses which I hope to have the weather (and bravery) to wear soon.

5. Eating the rainbow. You can't not be happy eating dyed bread - Beigel Shop on Brick Lane will fill one of these with cream cheese for £1.10. That's a bargain breakfast in London, and for a bread-avoider it felt like Christmas had come early.

6. Wanding around Shoreditch listening to hipsters conversations (about cycling, flat whites, authenticity, gentrification, veganism etc etc) and taking pictures of buildings. I like to amuse myself when I'm out on my own.

7. Friday night outfit for hosting a mini party (in my very mini flat). Still just about young enough that I can feed my friends gin and crips. But now old enough that my friends can drink red wine and not spill it.

8. Taiwanese bubble tea from the...

9. ...Dumpling Heart Taiwanese food market in Shoreditch. So glad I swung by this and hopefully it'll be back in the summer.

1. Breakfast at the Royal Exchange - I actually do work in the City but it's only when I go to places like this that I actually feel like I do, it's so old school and the service is tip-top.

2. Wandering around Southwark and taking a wrong turn and feeling like I'm in a quaint village (aside from The Shard popping up in the background). This city still makes me smile on an almost daily basis.

3. An 8am private view of the Painting The Modern Garden exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts.  Such a lovely exhibition, even pre-coffee, even when the Piccadilly line was on strike.

4. Easter cake and a soya cappuccino in John Lewis while spending some John Lewis vouchers and feeling like a real grown-up.

5. Apparently stirring an egg into porridge is a thing. I got given a special kind of egg and decided to give it a go for a better start to my morning. The porridge is made with almond milk so it's healthy, right?

6. Raw brazil nut cups with dark chocolate - basically a mash up of a couple of recipes I found under the #vegan hashtag on Instagram (a raw brazil nut cookie dough with raw chocolate inside).

7. March 21st was the Persian new year (and the start of spring, psssh) - doing multiculturalism proud by eating Persian foods and hitting the dance floor with my parents.

8. Popping in to the new Barbican exhibition - Strange and Familiar is one of the best in a while. I thought about some of the photographs for the rest of my day.

9. My mum and I made some Easter cupcakes, I wanted to make vegan versions of the Shredded Wheat nests I made as a child but the only vegan eggs I could find were ridiculously expensive (but ridiculously good) Hotel Chocolat ones.

How was your March?

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