Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tech: Quinoa Sushi Rolls x The Samsung Galaxy S7

Fun fact - almost all of my blog pictures are taken on my phone, it's quick and easy and I already get enough eye rolls from my dining companions without whipping out a fancy camera at dinner. Oh, and my bank account cries at even the whisper of Olympus Pen. When I was offered the chance to try out the Samsung Galaxy S7 I couldn't wait to see how the camera compared to that of my iPhone 6.

My iPhone is approaching it's first year of my ownership and is sadly looking a little worse for wear - the screen is cracked and the front-facing camera turns everything into a soft-focused giant blur. Unpacking the brand new S7 felt like Christmas - the phone is super shiny, lightweight and not too much of a mental stretch for an iPhone user to get to grips with. It's also dust and waterproof which makes it great for holidays and, well, our lovely London weather! After messing around with the front-facing camera and getting a selfie fix (the rose mode is super flattering) I put both the camera and my fledgling cooking skills to the test.

vegan quinoa sushi rolls

Quinoa Sushi Rolls (Vegan)

Nori sheets (I used the Clearspring brand from Waitrose)
Multi-coloured quinoa
Cucumber (cut into thin strips)
Carrot (I bought a bag of pre-cut batons and cut them into finer strips)
Tofu (I used a block of pre-marinated smoked tofu but fresh tofu would work too if you have time to prepare it)
Soy sauce

vegan quinoa sushi rolls

1. Cook half a cup of quinoa with a dash of soy sauce. To make mine stickier used less water and then let it sit in the pan once cooked so that it was a bit drier than usual.

2. Layer the quinoa on a sheet of nori, getting it to the edges as much as possible (as above but try to be neater!).

3. Add your vegetables and tofu.

4. Get rolling - I didn't have a sushi mat so used a sheet of baking paper to tightly roll the sushi. Use a dab of warm water to close the roll if it won't stick and leave rolled in for 10 minutes or so.

5. Cut the rolls carefully using a hot knife.

6. Serve with wasabi and soy sauce for dipping.

vegan quinoa sushi rolls

I was so pleased with how these turned out - they are not the neatest but for a first attempt (ok, I went on a Yo Sushi course about five years ago), but they're not too bad! They tasted amazing - using quinoa means they're much lighter than regular sushi as there's no stodgy white rice. Any vegetables could be used - next time I'll try avocado and red pepper.

vegan quinoa sushi rolls

The photos are all unedited to show the quality of the S7's camera - there's even a food mode which lets you put the centre of the plate in focus. The camera found its focus much faster then my iPhone's and quickly adjusted to the light conditions. There are more fun features like a timer, a range of visual effects (including "slim face" and "large eyes" for selfies!) and and ability to take "selective focus" shots with blurred out backgrounds as you would with a DSLR. The pictures viewed on the phone itself are so sharp and high quality - I actually messaged one to my iPhone 6 to compare and there is such a difference, the same image on the iPhone looks duller and flatter, it might just be the convincer to make the switch.

Which phone tribe are you in? And have you tried making your own sushi?



  1. I think I'll probably get this phone next, due to the camera! I do have an SLR (they are better, especially in poor conditions) but it would be great to have a better phone camera for spur of the moment photos

  2. They look fab, I made my own sushi ages ago but didn't like it that much. That recipe actually sounds like one I'd enjoy though! I'm iPhone all the way!

  3. Those pics are amazing. I have the Samsung s6 and love the camera.

  4. I love making sushi, mine are never particularly neat but they're never really around long enough to be looked at too much haha


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