Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Life: February Round-Up

Another month over, this year's February gave us one more day and with Easter falling early Shrove Tuesday and Valentine's Day fell in the same week (both being excuses for sweet treats because I'm neither religious nor romantic). I had a good balance of time in and time out, taking advantage of slightly lighter days and evening and now that we're in March it's acceptable to start counting down to my travels - I'm off to Vietnam and Singapore next month and it'll be the first time visiting both countries but before that I'll be sneaking in a quick trip to Amsterdam, again a first for me. All of your travel tips in the comments below, please!

1. Tattoo at the Museum of London - a small but fascinating exhibition that I popped into on my lunch break. I'm currently working a few minutes from the museum and still enjoying the novelty of not having to eat lunch at my desk.

2. Trying the pistachio rose mocha in Starbucks. I pride myself on being someone who never finds anything "too sweet" but do you know what? This was too sweet.

3. Cute graffiti in Shoreditch on my way to a solo cinema date at Rich Mix to see The Big Short. I'm reading the book now and its fascinating.

4. The last time I met Eliza she had the cutest glasses chain - I had to get one too and BCN Beads didn't let me down. My initials and evil eye beads for a little nod to my middle-eastern heritage (and because I think they're super cute anyway).

5. Post-brunch sugar rush shopping in Skinny Dip - Eliza, Hannah and I visited Shotgun in Soho, review coming soon.

6. Pancakes are one of the only things I can now confidently cook - a little single lady serving of chocolate blueberry pancakes (1 egg, half a banana and a teaspoon of cocoa powder) and my matcha raspberry recipe here.

7. I spotted that McDonalds had Hello Kitty Happy Meal toys and I knew I had to have one. Most fast food is a complete turn-off for me but I secretly do love McDonalds and let myself have one visit per year - childhood nostalgia, the best Diet Coke and a watch for £2.69 made this a happy meal even if all of the McDonalds in the City are filled with sad drunk banker men.

8. Why has it taken me so long to discover delivery sushi? I've ordered from You Me Sushi a couple of times and it's consistently good (and arrives in around 30 minutes).

9. Valentine's fun - using my Korean stationary and some heart-shaped cookies (recipe here) to cheer up what can be a miserable day for us single ladies.

1 -3. A Valentine's date with these three beauties (Bella, Malee and Lola) at Battersea Dogs' and Cats' Home's "Feline Lonely" event.

4. Baking ingredients - almost too pretty to break into but someone's got to check that the chocolate ins't poisoned before it goes into a bake, right?

5. Throwback - used to be younger and cuter but I'd still wear that blouse.

6. White Cross Street on a quiet Saturday while taking my Louboutins to be re-healed. Oh the glamour.

7. Visiting my old 'hood and the new Tate 2 construction - this area has changed so much since I moved there in 2007, it's scary how fast London moves and changes.

9. Gapolli Bistro in Angel for Sophie's birthday dinner. At least one person per table seemed to be celebrating a birthday!

9. Veggie tempura raman at Ramen Sasuke - a cute authentic little place in Soho with no queue on a Monday night. I popped in before my second solo cinema date of the month to see an advance screening of Truth.

How was your February? Did you celebrate Valentine's Day? Reminder that Mothers' Day is on Sunday!



  1. Ahh looks like so much fun. And how cute did you look as a little'un?? Adorable.
    I used to have Happy Meals all the time when I was a kid. I loved the toys!!

  2. So. Many. Cats! As if Vietnam and Singapore are next month already!! Eek! xx

  3. It looks like you had a great February! I bet the Tattoo exhibition would have been good to see and I love all the different lights at Gapolli Bistro.

    Hope March is just as good!
    Ami x


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