Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Day Tripping: Bath

After a few too many Sundays where I didn't even leave my own London postcode, a day in Bath was much-needed in a continuing effort to shake off my hibernation mode. Despite it raining pretty much the whole day, the city still looked beautiful (I visited last winter too) and the 07:59 from Paddington was well worth waking up for to meet friends who'd taken a two-day trip out of town. We managed to visit the Roman Baths, The Cross Bath thermae spa, dine on Spanish tapas and make a quick detour into Banana Republic where I picked up a top, skirt and dress for a grand total of £13 before packing in to a gold hire car to return to the Big Smoke.

We drove back to London as the skies darkened with questionable pop music blaring and the conversation topics flitting effortlessly between world affairs, feminism and guilty crushes (oh, hai, Seth Rogen). As the lights of West London came into view I had that "honey, I'm home" feeling combined with the sort of exhaustion that only a super chilled out day with lots of laughs leaves you with. Even leaving your city for twelve hours is enough to make it (and you) feel as good as new again.

Society Cafe Bath
I waited for my friends in Society Cafe after a twitter tip from Lucy. I grabbed an almond milk cappuccino for there and then and some paleo cookies for the road.
Society Cafe Bath
My friend R papped me "looking like a blogger" - I'm actually reading Divergent on my Kindle because teen fiction makes me feel young.
Exploring the city.
Roman Baths
The Roman Baths - these are so well-preserved and are truly amazing. I love anything Roman-related and couldn't resist defying the signs and popping my hand into the green, steaming warm waters. I think I'd have fitted right in in the Roman Empire. 
La Perla Bath
La Perla restaurant for lunch - I had the fried goats cheese and home-cured smoked salmon. The restaurant is like being in a cave, the perfect hide-out from the dismal weather.
The Cross Bath
The afternoon was spent at The Cross Bath. I'm not planning on hosting a hen do anytime soon but this would be the perfect location for one, it's totally private but open to the skies above. The naturally warm spa water is so relaxing and it's amazing being outside in a bikini in February. Well, it is until its time to get out.
 Have you visited Bath?



  1. I love Bath - so pretty! I went there for a hen do for one of my friends and we stayed in a beautiful hotel, did the more modern spa and lots of eating. It was good fun.
    I really enjoyed the Divergent book series! Films not so much...

  2. Bath is really high up on my list of places to visit. I can't believe I've never been - I've heard such great things about it.

  3. I totally love Bath and dying to spend a weekend there when we have the time. We went there for the Christmas market and it was manic.

  4. I have always fancied a trip to Bath, it looks lovely!
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