Sunday, 28 February 2016

Working It: Hot Yoga at Omnida Studios

On a cold Thursday night the promise of a hot yoga class sounded like the perfect de-stresser. I headed to Omnida Studios in North London for their first blogger event. The studio opened in September and everything looks sparkling new still, located thirty seconds from Turnpike Lane station they offer a range of dance and fitness classes for very reasonable prices (by London standards) and have two bright and airy studios with plenty of natural light for the classes to take place in.

I'm a huge fan of yoga and practice (almost) daily. I've taken a few Bikram yoga classes in the past but find them quite exhausting - the heat is so intense that you almost have to book out the rest of your day for the purposes of drinking water and continuing to sweat! Hot yoga is practiced at around 30 degrees, 10 degrees cooler than Bikram and allows your practice to benefit from the heat without it being such a sweat-drenched experience. The hot yoga studio at Omnida was lovely, its a small studio so the class felt more personal with only six participants and our instructor, Nicola.

Nicola guided us through a forty-five minute session featuring sun salutations, chair poses and a relaxing stretch out. Unlike Bikram which is based on the same series of 26 poses practiced during each ninety minute class, hot yoga has more scope for the class to vary week by week and for shorter class lengths. I think there is a place for all sorts of yoga practice and different classes work for different people, as with everything in life its about finding what works for you but keeping an open mind to different styles of yoga and different teaching methods.

I found that the heat really helped my muscles to relax and move deeper into the poses and stretches - compared with the cold outside the room felt lovely and warm, like practicing yoga on holiday, and my tight hips definitely appreciated it! The heat also makes some of the stronger poses more challenging and I could definitely feel myself having to concentrate on my breathing while my heart rate rose. I left feeling super relaxed and ready to rehydrate with coconut water and a healthy buffet while chatting with my new-found yoga squad.

Omnida's time table can be viewed here.

omnida studios
Post-yoga snacking, Nicola and I (yoga) posing, buddha, a lovely goodie bag of treats. 
omnida studios
Striking a pose.
Have you tried hot yoga?


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