Sunday, 7 February 2016

Pancake Day - Raspberry Matcha Pancakes

Easter is super early this year and, as a result, Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day!) is too. I love making pancakes, they're one of the few things that I do battle with my 1970s electric hob for (the joys of retro living). This year I've been borderline obsessed with all things matcha so obviously had to incorporate matcha into my recipe. I re-stocked my matcha from the Japan Centre at Westfield Stratford and got thinking...

The result? Matcha Cashew Cream Pancakes With Raspberry Chia Jam. Apologies for how ~Pinterest~ that sounds. They're also vegan, gluten and dairy free if that's your thing. If not - they taste great regardless, look very pretty and as far as pancakes go are pretty saintly. Perfect for 9th February or a weekend brunch any time of year. It's bizarre to think that back in the day, pancakes were the ultimate indulgence before a somber Lent period. How times have changed. We're now overwhelmed with choice, convenience and instant gratification. Creme Eggs (they've definitely got smaller, right?) have been in the shops since the first week of January and while pancakes are no longer the most indulgent thing we can eat, making them from scratch (and making them look as pretty as possible) is really satisfying.

 For the pancakes:

Any recipe would work if you have a go-to. I used this one which was very easy and has minimal ingredients. Applesauce isn't really a thing in the UK but you can buy apple puree in the babyfood aisle and try to use the self-service checkout if you're also buying gin, grapes and magazines in the same basket so that no one thinks you're a terrible parent.

For the matcha cashew cream:

Soak 100g (one small bag) or cashew nuts in water overnight. Do not skip this step - it's vital to make the nuts soft and easier to blend. Blend in a blender / NutriBullet with a splash of unsweetened almond milk until a cream forms. Add in half a teaspoon of matcha (matcha is very potent so even if it doesn't look enough it will be) and mix until combined.

For the raspberry chia jam:

Mash 100g of raspberries with a fork. Mix in a tablespoon of chia seeds and leave for 20 minutes to turn into a jam-like consistency.

To make:

Fry your pancakes in coconut oil and place on kitchen paper between cooking each one. Stack the pancakes with a spoonful of cashew cream between each layer. Top with the jam and serve with a few raspberries on the side.

If matcha is not your thing (aside from that we might not be able to be friends), here are some other pancake recipes of mine:

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Too lazy to cook? Pancakes out and about:

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  1. Yes please Lily - I'll be round next week!
    A Story of a Girl

  2. Pancake day is one of my favourite days of the year. These look so delicious!

  3. I never would have thought that pancakes and matcha belonged in the same sentence, but this looks pretty great.

  4. Wait, it's that easy to make chia jam?! Lol I've been meaning for try it for ages! ...I'm a huge fan of matcha too! Will defo try out the cashew creme at some point!


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