Monday, 1 February 2016

January Round-Up

I hate the idea of wishing away time. Time passes however you chose to spend it and even if it doesn't seem like it sometimes, every day has the potential to be an amazing one. Really. That said, I am glad that January is over and that the mornings are starting to get a tiny bit lighter. My favourite season is still quite a long way off but it's closer than it was 31 days ago. Here's how January has looked:

1. Lipstick never fails to cheer me up and now that I'm feeling more confident about my smile I'm getting more use out of my collection.

2. Selfridges, a destination that never fails to cheer me up, is currently host to Tastes of Japan - stock up on matcha Kit-Kats, udon and, while not authentically Japanese, these super cute Hello Kitty cupcakes.

3. Empties! Finishing a product is still something high on my list of happy things. Unless its Bioderma which calls for a trip to France to restock.

4. The Winter City Retreat which I blogged about here was a January highlight.

5. Brunch at Dishoom - I'd breakfasted / brunched here a few times and its always great. Fuel for A Winter's Tale at the Garrick Theatre - have to say that this wasn't my favourite Shakespeare adaptation but seeing Dame Judy Dench on stage is always a pleasure and the second half picked up the pace a good deal.

6. Getting creative with oats - check out my three recipes inspired by far away places and how cute is the bento box for taking lunch on the go?

7. Probably my favourite outfit of the month - Kale sweatshirt (this one) and leggings. I used to find it really hard to dress casually but I guess that has changed, although this is about as far as I'll go when it comes to trousers.

8. Pho for lunch - actually ate this two days in a row, it's that good.

9. Frame in Shoreditch for a gentle yoga class. I've also been doing Adrienne's Yoga Camp this month and I've loved her mantras and affirmations.

1. Saturday morning reading - Ethan (the pink plushie) and I love that Benedict Cumberbatch meditates.

2. The tasteful loos at Flesh and Buns for Sophie's birthday brunch.

3. Current reads - Unforgettable by Charlie Maclean for the WI Shoreditch Sisters bookclub (one of the characters is a member in the novel) and Yeonmi Park's In Order To Live. Along with a homemade matcha latte in my milk frother.

4. I love neon art so the Tim Etchells neon sculptures at Bloomberg caught my eye. They are there until the end of March and are well worth a quick visit if you're in the City - "Let's Pretend None Of This Ever Happened" seems appropriate in the geographical location of the financial crisis...

5. Yoga with The Yoga Mela at Stanley Hall - Ciara's class is a great way to start a Saturday morning in a beautiful old building.

6. I've relaunched my Etsy store - Pieces Of Patterns! It's pretty niche but the paper patterns are a reminder that fashion wasn't always fast and disposable.

7. Going out out. First time in over a month that I've ventured out after dark - Kensington's Roof Gardens' James Bond Ball made me feel young and old at the same time and that's totally ok.

8. Sarah and I headed to Cheeky Parlour for a catch-up over their amazing pedicures. Even in the dead of winter having smooth feet and shiny nails is an instant mood fix.

9. Yesterday was my first race of the year. The weather threw out all of the stops for it - cold, wind, rain and a lot of puddles... Add in only having run once since the Royal Parks Half in October it could have been a bit of a disaster but despite not getting my best time and resembling a drowned rat I still enjoyed the race which is the main point, really.


My good deed of the month? I gave blood for the first time - it wasn't painful or scary, I figured that if I can deal with getting a piercing I can do this. One hour of your time in exchange for helping up to three people and getting a biscuit afterwards. Sign up here.

How was January for you?



  1. Which race did you do yesterday? My friend, partner & I all did the Winter Race Series 10km. So. Much. Drizzle.

  2. Love your round up Lily! Those red lippys look awesome! I definitely concentrate a lot more on wearing lipstick in the Winter months. Anything to brighten the complexion! Also really love that dress you're wearing, looking FAB!

  3. You have such an interesting and colourful life - and I mean that in a really positive and good way! I guess it helps living in London but honestly you always seem to be doing and buying interesting stuff! My life seems comparatively boring. I guess it's also down to you being very creative as well, something I'm am sooo not.


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