Saturday, 13 February 2016

Working It: Cocoon At Gymbox

Gymbox have launched a range of new classes for 2016 - from Run Dem Crew's running club to the Missy Elliot-inspired Throw Some Shade, there's no chance of getting bored. I jumped at the chance to try Cocoon  at Westfield Stratford but that was the only jumping involved - unlike many of the Gymbox classes which are high octane cardio, Cocoon is the complete opposite - 45 minutes of stretching, relaxing and meditating, aimed at recovery. Perfect for if you're after some holistic "me" time or if you just want to chill and stretch out after a tough class, tough day or tough week.

gymbox cocoon class
The studio has amazing lighting and (in the daytime) natural light from outside too. 
Instructor Jessica guided us through a series of warm-up stretches before we got into our cocoons for a series of poses - floating child's pose, floating lotus and floating shavasana during which we did some self massage and trigger point release to really relax those tight muscles and iron out the kinks that everyday life puts in. Being in the cocoon felt so comforting - despite the noise from the gym and the outside world (a giant shopping mall and relaxation aren't necessarily compatible), being in the cocoon and concentrating on Jessica's voice and the Tibetan meditation soundtrack felt like a complete getaway from the outside world.

gymbox cocoon class
Floating lotus in the cocoon hammocks.
I regularly practice yoga and I love the concept of letting go and surrendering - trusting that the cocoon will hold your body weight (I noted at the start of the class the they are VERY securely held to the ceiling) and really, truly releasing your body is the perfect antidote for those of us (oh, wait, that'll be all of us) who spend our days hunched over our computers. The class is pitched at all levels - both in terms of flexibility and fitness and in experience with meditation. Even if meditating per se is not for you, the act of taking a few minutes to lie still with no distractions can't not feel good.

gymbox cocoon class
Floating shavasana. The cocoons are so comfortable - I felt like a bat (or what I imagine a bat feels like!)
The 45 minutes flew by. I was actually really sad when the class ended as I could have spent a lot longer in my cocoon, safe from the bright lights and loud noises of the big city outside but I left feeling relaxed, stretched out but also energized for the rest of my evening. Cocoon is available at Westfield Stratford on Thursdays at 7.30pm and Old Street on Thursdays at 1pm.

What's your favourite chilled out work-out?



  1. This looks SO relaxing! I'm still getting into yoga but I'm amazed how much it does for my mental state. x

  2. Omg been so long since I relaxed like this :) need to train a little harder so I can warrant such a pleasure! Lol


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