Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Baking - Chocolate Berry Brownies with Borderfields

My Valentine's day was spent getting my bake on (and making a fair amount of mess in the process) with my mother - Borderfields had kindly sent me some of their cold pressed rapeseed oils and infusions to try out and while at first ideas of salads and stir-fries sprung to mind, I couldn't pass up on the chance of being at home with an oven and a willing assistance to whip up a batch of dark chocolate brownies.

Bordersfields rapeseed oil chocolate brownies
Can't wait to try out the infusions in savory dishes.
Bordersfields rapeseed oil chocolate brownies
Do judge a book by its cover - this chocolate looks and tastes amazing.
Rapeseed oil and baking may not seem like an obvious match but the oil has a subtle, buttery flavour and contains omegas 3, 6 and 9 which are maintained at high temperatures, as well as having half the saturated fat of olive oil. These brownies are not my usual raw, vegan type of sweet treat but it felt good to do some traditional baking and they could be veganised by substituting the eggs for a vegan alternative and ensuring that your dark chocolate is dairy-free.

Bordersfields rapeseed oil chocolate brownies
Ready for the oven.
Bordersfields rapeseed oil chocolate brownies
Just out of the oven - when the top starts to crack the brownies are done but still have that gooey texture inside.
My mother and I are not natural bakers (not helped by my lack of oven in my tiny London apartment) but this recipe was really easy and it turned out amazingly - definitely some of the best brownies I've ever had. Using high quality ingredients and actually making them from start to finish really did make them taste so much better. We tweaked the recipe a little - using defrosted black and red currants from the summer rather than raspberries and adding a finishing sprinkle of Persian rose petals that I found looking pretty but unused in the kitchen cupboard. The end result? Perfect brownies, the richness of the dark chocolate balanced by the tart berries and delicate rose petals - the perfect Valentine's day treat with a cup of tea.

Bordersfields rapeseed oil chocolate brownies
Once cooked, cut carefully into slices.
Bordersfields rapeseed oil chocolate brownies
Sprinkle with rose petals to finish. 
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  1. I'm totally intrigued by these. I'm not very up to speed with which oils are best for what so the omega fact is really interesting!

  2. These brownies look lovely! Quite intrigued by your use of rapeseed oil too... I've only every used lashing of butter in mine!

  3. AS a lover of all things chocalety I would simply have to try this brownie recipe which gets my salivery glands working overtime just looking at the photo. Love baking and this is certainly on the to-do list straight away :-)

  4. These look amazinggggggg!! You're making me want to lick my screen!
    Elle Bloggs

  5. Yummy! These look delicious! Great way to use your oil : )


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