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Working It: Home Workouts - Budget and Small Space Fitness!

Hands up who's in full on hibernation mode? Sometimes heading to the gym while it's still dark outside, or going there after work when it's been dark for three hours already is not particularly appealing. Or maybe the gym just isn't your thing - fear not, I've put together my favourite at-home workouts. These are all budget friendly and can be done at any time of the day. As I live in a tiny studio apartment and I figure some of you may have flat mates or live in student accommodation I've also rated them in terms of space and noise - hardcore jumping around isn't really an option when you have neighbours on three side and below you!

1. Yoga With Adrienne

I love these videos - as do a lot of people if you look at the views they clock up! Adrienne's personality shines through and she focuses on all aspects of yoga, not just the phsyical side of it. I do yoga classes regularly and use these videos to supplement my practice and to ensure I get my daily yoga fix. They are suitable for complete beginners, too and whether you have five minutes or a full hour there are so many videos to choose from. You can also pick a need - whether it be a hangover, stress, the winter blues or if you want a chilled bedtime practice. Adrienne feels like an encouraging friend rather than a barking fitness instructor and the videos never fail to make me, in the words of Adrienne, "find what feels good".

Space - if you have room for a yoga mat then you have enough space!

Cost - a yoga mat would be good to have but it's not necessary. They are inexpensive and take up very little room so I would recommend getting one if (like me) you have a hard wooden floor. Tiger has a really nice one at the moment  and TK Maxx had a really good fitness section last time I went.

2. Blogilates

I've been dipping in an out of Cassey's videos for years - there's a huge archive of ones to choose from now and you can pick which body parts to work so if you're new to Blogilates you're definitely in for a treat. I love the ab-focused videos and am always pleasntly surprised with how much harder they are than they first appear to be. Cassey is super cute and very enthusiastic - like Adrienne she brings her personality to the videos although I do find that the chit-chat means that I can only do each one a few times before it gets a bit frustrating!

Space - the mat work videos are perfect for a small space, I'd avoid the HIIT cardio ones in my apartment though!

Cost - again, a yoga mat would be useful but not essential.

3. Fitness Blender

Kelley and Dan are the cutest fitness couple. I love how their videos are really clear and instructive and that they have a very no-frills approach - zero background music and no chit-chat. Sometimes I want zero distractions and a good explanation of how to do a particular move - especially when it comes to weights when there is a lot of scope to go wrong when working out at home. The style is so clean and sometimes this is just what I need (although unlike Adrienne and Cassey you don't feel like you really get to "know" them). The videos are easily searchable and cover a whole spectrum of workouts, from yoga and pilates to hardcore HIIT.

Space - the low impact cardio is perfect for a small space and doesn't make a lot of noise. I love the kettle bell workouts - just make sure you have enough room to swing them!

Cost - the yoga, pilates and low-impact aerobics videos don't need any equiptment. Some workouts do require weights but you can filter these out if you dont have any or look on Amazon for inexpensive ones.

4. Kayla Itsines

Picture from Honestly Fitness
Instagram fitness queen Kayla has recently launched an app (Sweat With Kayla) which guides you through her signature method. The workouts are simple - two seven-minute circuits, each with four workout moves which are done twice each resulting in a 28 minute workout. I was a little sceptical before doing my first circuit but by the end I was seriously sweating - impressive for a workout done in my tiny flat with no equipment! The only downside is that without a video to follow its harder to spot if you may be going wrong, especially if you're not used to some of the moves and I do feel with these that I have to rely on my own motivation - 7 minutes can feel quite long when you're doing burpees and commandos!

Space - I managed to do all three circuits (arms and abs, lower body and full body) in the confines of my flat, even if I did have to improvise a little and use my coffee table as a bench. Some of the moves require jumps so maybe not one to do at 6am...

Cost - the app is free for the first seven days and then is £14.99 per month. I unsubscribed before the trial ended as part of my January frugal kick as with a bit of Google-ing exercises and the timer app on your phone you can re-create the workouts yourself for free (albeit with a less glossy interface). The app lets you share your workouts if that's your thing, take progress pictures and provides meal plans, too. I can see how it would be useful, especially if you commit to the full workout program.



  1. I love working out at home - it is the only thing which stays consistent! I have joined the gym now to mix things up but I usually go twice a week then do a few yoga videos at home too!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Girl you have totally inspired me to get on it this week! I seem to avoid the gym cause I get so anxious at the thought of going, not knowing what I'm doing or how to work the machines, and looking stupid :( Looking forward to trying these out and enjoying a wee work out from home. Thank you for sharing! xx


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