Wednesday, 6 January 2016

#Goals - 2 0 1 6

I know the month has already started but, really, who wants to think about these things on 1st January? I'm not really a huge "resolutions" type person as I've got pretty good at avoiding the people, foods, places and activities that are less than good for me. I already use my gym membership and eat kale (not smug just true) and I don't believe in giving up things that give us pleasure even if they are not virtuous (less smugly - gin, seeing 3am a bit too often, ASOS sprees).

Last year I set myself some goals and some of them stuck. I quit Diet Coke in fear of dissolving all my tooth enamel and travelling somewhere where its not available and spending a hard-earned holiday in extreme DC-withdrawal. I joined a bookclub, lost 6lbs of 4pm sugar fix and "its been a crappy day" cake weight and read more than one book per month. So these will continue in 2016 as well as some new / rejigged goals:

1. Budget / save money. So boring but so important. Set a weekly budget for eating, drinking, socialising and transport. Stick to it. Put aside £200 per month to pay my quarterly service charge and other "oh how I hate being a grown-up" bills. Save £1 and £2 coins in my coin jar that needs to be broken to get access to it. Buy two new work dresses and nothing else until summer.

2. Let it go. Things that I don't need. People who don't make me happier. Negative thoughts. Worrying about anything and everything. Anything that doesn't make you happy or isn't absolutely necessary has got to go and I can't wait for a rainy January Sunday to KonMarie my flat and get over my hoarding tendencies.

This colouring in of Benedict Cumberbatch as a form of mindfulness and distraction from crappy worries. Also, Benedict Cumberbatch.
3. Run 10k in under an hour. Self-explanatory. I've still not managed this and even if I run a 10k in 59:59 then that'll be fine by me. I'm so uncompetitive and need to push myself harder when I run and start doing dreaded hill sprints or whatever I need to do to speed my legs up!

4. Cook for my friends. I became veggie last year and actually started to take a bit more of an interest in what I was eating (beyond how many calories it contained). At Christmas this year for the first time ever I found myself in the kitchen and everything turned out ok (even if I had to Whatsapp a friend to ask how to use a can-opener). I'd like to become less scared of cooking, cook more of my own food from scratch and cook something that I can serve to other people rather than feeding my friends bowls of crisps.

Demonstrating cooking (banana loaf) and saving money (new coffee machine > Starbucks).
5. September celebrations. In September I will be 29 and I will have been working for five years. I don't often talk about my "real job" on my blog but those who know me in the real world will know that it's not always been the rose-tinted ride that my Instagram grid makes my life look like so my five year work-iversary will mean that goal 1 is temporarily suspended in favour of "you deserve it babe" type designer goods. Also multiple gins and fun for the last birthday of my 20s but this is nine months away so let's not think about it now.

Also -   drink more water - coffee at weekends only - keep up my yoga practice and master handstand and splits - do my annual tastings of red wine and strong cheese to see if my tastebuds have matured yet - read one book per month and continue to attend bookclub - go on one date (one more than in 2015 - starting small!) - wear SPF daily - turn phone off an hour before bed - visit more of the UK because I've been to Japan as many times as I've been to Scotland and that's ridiculous.



  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one aiming for the elusive sub 1hr 10k. I managed to get my PB down to 1:06 on NYE but it would be so satisfying to see it drop below 59:59. Look forward to seeing how you get on. I'm currently holding out for the dates of the Nike Women's 10km which was great last year, and my very first 10k race, so I'm hoping that will be *the one*!

  2. Great goals to have! It sucks being an adult right? And even worse, a responsible adult planning for later life... I need to stop buying so much workout gear - that's my monthly splurge!!

  3. you going for sub 60 at the LWR?!?!? x

  4. OH my goodness, that Benedict Cumberbatch coloring book is EPIC.

  5. I love these, I am trying down to cut down on my shopping and save more but so far it isn't going well!

    Maria xxx

  6. Yes! Get your ass up to Scotland! x


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