Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Working It: Kangoo Jumps at Gymbox

On Wednesday last week (Christmas Eve Eve) I found myself in Westfield London (probably not recommended at this time of year when you have £11 in your bank account). My wallet was safe though as I was there to try out Kangoo Jumps at Gymbox - a new one-of-a-kind gym class where participants wear "Kangoos" - the world's lowest impact shoe - while doing an aerobics routine. Promising double the calorie burn of a standard class its the perfect mid-festive season workout or a great one to try in the new year when everyone re-boots their fitness goals but when the treadmill is just too soul-destroyingly boring.

The 45 minute class involves a warm-up, a step-by-step routine and a cool-down stretch. The first challenge...putting on the Kangoos! The Kangoos look like a ski boot with a curved bouncey sole. At first standing up in them was terrifying but I soon got used to walking in them - they are super light (unlike ski boots) and it's actually (thankfully) impossible to fall over in them. The class was a mix of regulars and newbies so I wasn't the only one who had never tried Kangoo before or was terrified of face-planting in front of everyone! The routine was easy to pick up, even for a left-right co-ordination challenged person like myself, as Jason, the instructor, added to it in small steps. The combined novelty of the shoes and concentrating on keeping up with the routine meant that I didn't even realise how much of a work-out the class was until half-way through. By the end I felt like I'd had a really good cardio workout without - the time flew by and the class was so much fun, even when I got the steps wrong!

Kangoo classes are available at the Westfield London Gymbox .



  1. I've never heard or seen of this before - but it looks really interesting and fun! I probably really should start thinking about fitness for 2016! Hope you had a good Christmas Lily!

  2. I've never seen these before but this workout sounds incredible!! I find a lot of forms of exercise very tedious so I definitely need something like this to get me back into fitness in the New Year! xx

    Beth | Alphabeth


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