Saturday, 12 December 2015

Work It - Aerial Yoga at Gymbox

With winter well and truly here I'm currently an indoors-only exercise girl - I hate winter and just can't face the idea of forcing myself out for a run in the freezing cold. I did do the London Marathon this year, so definitely been there, done that in regards to running in rain, sleet and snow! When I had the change to review a class at Gymbox I jumped at the chance to try something new - the range of classes is amazing, it took me a long time to settle on aerial yoga at Gymbox Farringdon but I am so glad I did!

I do a lot of yoga already but aerial yoga is totally different. You don't need any yoga experience to take part - there are no sanskrit pose names, no meditation and no downward-dogs here! All of the yoga takes place in the hammocks and the small class size means that no one gets left in the back row not knowing what on earth is going on. Some yoga classes can be quite serious but this is a self-confessed fun class carried out to a chilled out soundtrack and I actually found myself laughing quite a lot - either through the joy of swinging through the air or nervously in a oh-my-gosh-I'm-going-to-fall sort of way!

Laura, our instructor, was super friendly and dealt really well with the mix of regulars and newbies in the class. The hardest part of aerial yoga is just having the trust that you won't fall out the hammock (it is fastened very securely to a very strong-looking ceiling and there is no way that you can fall out of the poses!) but after some help and encouragement I was able to do all the poses and it's an absolutely amazing feeling dangling upside down. The hour-long class is such a good workout but between the fun element and the eek-scary-upsidedown moments the time flies and you forget how hard your muscles are working.

The workout starts with stretching - using the hammocks to support your body weight gives a really deep stretch - then moves on to arm and core work (essential for being able to master some of the moves). Then the fun really begins with the inversions! Inversions are amazing for stretching out our muscles and giving our joints a break from having to support our weight all day. Hanging upside down literally does give you a new perspective. After some "flying arrows" on the hammocks we ended the class with five minutes of relaxation lying in the hammocks - I imagined that I was on a far-flung tropical beach - total bliss!

gymbox aerial yoga review
The studio at the Farringdon Gymbox.
gymbox aerial yoga review
Camel pose - such a good stretch!
gymbox aerial yoga review
Monkey pose - actually a lot easier than it looks! 
gymbox aerial yoga review
Chilling in the hammock.
Have you tried anything new fitness-wise lately?



  1. This looks so cool! I'd definitely love to try it. I'm so into yoga at the moment, it is an ideal winter exercise as the studios are always so warm! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. This looks fun actually! My friend would love this too - i'll have to mention it to her. She's really into pole fitness, so I imagine she would be great with the various upside down stretches!

  3. I saw your instagrams here and it looks amazing. This is something that I'd love to do at some point.


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