Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November Round-Up

The penultimate (any excuse to use one of my favourite words) month of 2015 is over. I'm starting to want to reflect on the year but right now I more want to have a G&T in hand, be wearing a pretty dress and trying to cram is as much light and laughter as I can. Life is hard and the world can seem like a pretty bleak place at times but I want to look back on this year with the best memories possible and I hope I can make some in the last...31 days of it. Here's what November looked like:

1. German sweeties from Eliza - Haribo is my guilty pleasure and Germany has the best ones!

2. Magazines and freebies. I so rarely buy magazines these days but its so nice to lie in the bath reading them at this time of year.

3. I may not have loved the John Lewis Christmas advert but their cake (free with a MyJohnLewis card) is pretty good - branching out from my usual scone with a Christmas offering (and yes, getting quoted in a Guardian article did make my Saturday morning).

4. Cake decorating with my friend T while having an epic catch-up on a Friday night.

5. Watching the Lord Mayor's Parade in the rain - this float was my favourite. I watch this parade every year and it always makes me feel so patriotic.

6. Dessert at the V-Curious supper club which I blogged about here. Some of the best food I've had in 2015.

7. I love finding new places for coffee and drinks - my bookclub met at The Bridge on Kingsland Road this month and it felt like being transported to a baroque boudoir.

8. Making matcha nice cream in my NutriBullet (and then eating it in bed because its so cold!).

9. Sarah and I went to Fashion In Motion at the V&A for a Peter Pilotto retrospective. I very rarely dip my toes into the designer world anymore but sitting in the FROW reminded me why I first fell in love with fashion. Check out Sarah's post here.

1 - 5. I went to the Vuelio Blog Awards last week - can't resist a glamorous Friday night out! I wasn't expecting a formal sit-down dinner but it was a good surprise and I quickly got over my initial oh-my-goodness-I'm-here-on-my-own panic and chatted to lots of lovely people as is the way with blog events (I of all people should know this having met my bestest friends at blogging events past). This was the first awards ceremony I had been to and the venue (The Brewery) did not disappoint. The veggie food was amazing, too. Having eaten meat for pretty much 27 years, a cheese risotto isn't going to impress me... The starter was beetroot four ways (including a sorbet) followed by tofu katsu for dessert. The liquid nitrogen ice cream bar for dessert was pretty cool, too (literally). Once again, a reminder of how lucky we are to be a part of this crazy blogging world and how varied blogging is - beauty, sport, political and educational blogs were all celebrated. Favourite moment had to be my confusion when a blog called Arseblog won - turns out its a football blog.

6. Calories look cuter at this time of year... That said, I'm really trying to reign in my sweet tooth as sweet things do taste better when they are occasional (and every day is sadly not an occasion).

7. I won Florette's monthly recipe challenge for my Halloween-inspired pumpkin salads and this was my prize - definitely one for the Christmas list if you don't already have it.

8 - 9. A pop-up brunch and shopping event for independent brand Fox In A Glove. Owner Klaudia designs all of her patterns from scratch and the pieces are unique and beautiful, designed to be flattering and wearable rather than being sheep-like and trend-led. The clothes can be customised for your shape and height which is awesome if you're a shortie like me and find that everything is too long! I'm in awe of people who can design and create things and this brand feels a million miles away from high street throwaway fashion but is still affordable. Available on Not On The High Street here.

Phew! How was your November?



  1. November has been actual mayhem now I think about it, seeing your review has reminded me how much I packed into the month. Looks like all the sweet things for you, I'm jealous, I love all the sweet things although my palette appears to be changing in that respect.

  2. Looks like you had such a good month! Mine definitely wasn't that eventful!

    - Elodie x

  3. Congrats on winning the recipe challenge! :-)
    I'm literally signing up to John Lewis to get free cake. It's been far too long for me to do this haha.


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