Thursday, 31 December 2015

London Dining - Egg Break, Nottinghill

A foodie post today. To change things up, and because I know this time of year isn't exactly lacking in food, today's post comes by way of a poem. To make up for my lack of wordly ways, the image captions are there to save this blog post and review - enjoy!

In the week before Christmas Hannah, Sophie and Lily
Headed to West London to escape from the weather so chilly
From the proprietors of renowned Soho House
With the promise of food so good none left for a mouse
Comes Egg Break a restaurant that used to be Thai
Now serving eggs - poached, broken or even fry(ed)
With a tempting cocktail list the menu begins
We all had the Clover Club which contains gin
For mains so much choice at first we couldn't decide
But opted for fries, hash browns and avocado on the side
Sophie had the bun containing fennel sausage, sriracha mayo and pork
So tasty it didn't require a fork
Hannah chose spaghetti carbonara, pork belly with poached egg
A tasty delight you could not forget
I had the farro, feta and egg cooked to 63 degrees
A perfectly Instagramable dish, everyone agrees
Oh, Egg break, we loved all of the food
It was a shame the service put us in a bit of a bad mood
Service aside we left in good cheer
Merry Christmas to all and a happy new year!

Poetry aside, I liked Egg Break - I'll definitely be back for the brunch. In relation to the service - despite being the only people in the restaurant the service was super slow, our cocktails took over 15 minutes to arrive even thought we'd all ordered the same thing and didn't arrive until just after our food. The chips weren't hot which there's no excuse for when no one else was there. The staff were totally ok about us not paying the service charge (I've had arguments in the past when I've asked not to pay this for poor service which is always embarrassing) and the food was otherwise really good so I definitely want to give Egg Break another chance in 2016.

Egg Break review
The former Thai restaurant has been updated - but only just! The interiors are super simple and there are a few tables in the basement, too, as the upstairs restaurant is tiny!
Egg Break review
The cocktail list - the Clover Club was a gin lover's delight. 
Egg Break review
Egg Break review
The pork brisket bun. 
Egg Break review
Farro, feta, radish, avodaco and a 63 degree egg.
Egg Break review
Have you been to Egg Break? The restaurant is currently shut for a re-fresh but will be open again in February.



  1. Agreed on the slow service - Elodie and I waited around 15 minutes before finally having to ask for the menu! Their brunch is incredible though!

    PS. Love the poem ;)

  2. This is so, so perfect! But yes, so slow. Considering they only have a few tables, I definitely don't get why it is so. But brunchers are gonna to brunch.

    - Elodie x

  3. I've never eaten there but it looks good. I also think that the quick edit on the sign outside is super funny!


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