Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas Cocktail Class - The Chocolate Orange Snowflake

Bored of Bucks Fizz and looking for something new to try for Christmas? I might be able to help you... When Echo Falls got in touch about their new Fruit Fusion range I loved the sound of the Chocolate Orange Snowflake cocktail and couldn't wait to give it a go to (hopefully) impress my friends.

Echo Falls Fruit Fusion Cocoa Orange

This cocktail is super easy to make, doesn't require any crazy ingredients and contains fruit (for your five a day) and coffee (in case you're already exhausted from the first half of December). You'll need a blender (I used my NutriBullet - it's not just for health freaks...) and in five minutes had the perfect Christmas cocktail. Not too strong, not too sweet - this reminded me of a grown-up frappuccino and would make a great dessert cocktail or an accompaniment to a boozy brunch.

Echo Falls Fruit Fusion Cocoa Orange

Echo Falls Fruit Fusion Cocoa Orange


70ml Cocoa & Orange Echo Falls Fruit Fusion
1/4 banana (I froze mine first for a frothier drink)
10ml orange juice
5ml coffee
10ml sugar
9 ice cubes blended
Fruity garnish (I used banana but the recipe recommends orange)
Grated dark chocolate


Pour the Fruit Fusion into a blender and aad the banana, orange juice, coffee, sugar and ice cubes. Blend until smooth, pour into glasses, add your fruity garnish and sprinkle with grated dark chocolate (any chocolate in my house doesn't last long enough to become grated so I skipped this step!). Drink and enjoy!

Echo Falls Fruit Fusion Cocoa Orange

Let me know if you try this and check out the #feelingfruity hashtag on social media for more cocktail inspiration - Echo Falls have also created a Cranberry Par-Tea, Winter Warmer, Mistletoe Mojito and Partridge in a Passion Fruit Tree for the festive season.

What's your favourite party drink?


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  1. That sounds really nice! I do like Echo Falls at Christmas so it would be nice to make a special cocktail!
    Zoe xx


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