Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Winter Wishlist

It feels like yesterday that I was putting together my autumn wishlist but with November here it now feels distinctly wintery so the only thing to make up for darker evenings, rain and people coughing and sneezing at every turn is, you guessed it, new things:

uk fashion blogger winter wishlist

Party dresses because it's nearly time and the shops will be selling bikinis if you wait until the day of your party - one for a smarter party and one for a less formal gathering. I love a dark lip for winter, it's surprisingly easy to wear and looks best with other make-up being kept to a minimum to look fresh and now. I love these lace up ankle boots, even more so for having a block heel that I'll actually be able to walk in. A leather back-pack is practical but grown-up, too. This pretty velvet and lace bra for peeking out under a chunky v-neck knit. A casual skirt for weekends to pair with thick black tights and chunky brogues. A nod to the gothic look with these ankle socks - pair with party heels for a goth-geek vibe and because blue toes are never a good look.

I usually avoid black but this winter, I'm loving all things goth-inspired. Maybe I'm secretly throwing it back a decade to eighteen year-old me (hey, I've been an adult for ten years - how did that happen?) and my then-love of corsets, fishnets and knee-high Doc Martens (style icons: Brody Dalle, Courtney Love and then-pink-haired Kelly Osbourne). Only this time around it's a little more grown-up, a little less NSFW and as I've long stopped dying my hair black and rimming my eyes with kohl it's a little less scary. I may now be a (natural) blonde, have a penchant for Hello Kitty and a love of cute cardigans but these clothes happily remind me that I'm still a bit of an outsider, still a wannabe rebel and still don't quite feel like I "fit in" (and I would't have it any other way).

How did you dress as a teen? Do you still take references from that look now? 



  1. Haha oh you need to post a goth Lily up! I was a 'grunger' aged 13-16. I think I lived in my baggy Punkyfish jeans and Blink-182 hoody when I wasn't in school uniform. Oh memories! I still love all my music from those days though. And YES Brody Dalle is the ultimate! Ahh totally need to reminisce with some Distillers now...

  2. Love that bra!! So pretty. I'm usually always wearing black, grey or white haha! I don't do colours too often unless it's my fitness clothes.

  3. This is beautiful! Lily, after reading this, I have come to the conclusion we need to start our very own sartorial coven. Let me know if you're in.

    - Elodie x

  4. I pretty much only wear dark colours in the winter. Love this winter fashion inspiration. Those boots are perfect for the winter.


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