Sunday, 1 November 2015

October Round-Up

Can you believe there are only two months until we say goodbye to 2015? I feel like someone is currently holding down the fast-forward button (hey, I'm a 90s kid who grew up fast-forwarding VHS tapes so that may not make sense in a few years time) and that the weeks are flying past without me having the chance to take stock and reflect.

October's highlights:

-  a surprise half marathon PB at the Royal Parks Half

- being within 5 metres of a certain Mr Cumberbatch at my second visit to Hamlet at the Barbican and hearing his heart-wrenching speech at the end on the refugee crisis (for a girl who doesn't do celeb crushes I am pretty smitten)

- finishing Murakami's 1Q84 trilogy and then feeling utterly bereft and empty upon saying goodbye to characters who have, quite literally, travelled the world with me these last couple of months

- late night gin fuelled chats above everything and nothing at the same time and feeling ever grateful to the universe for letting real and online paths cross in the ways they have

- feeling a strange sense of roles being reversed as my parents recounted their travels to faraway places and adventures they had without me (only child, hello!)

- hearing Yeonmi Park's story of escaping North Korea (at Stylist Live) and feeling grateful for my own "freedom" mixed with the burden of responsibility to help those who didn't have the luck of being born in a country that they don't need to risk their lives to escape from

- 6 years of writing this blog and being named Square Meal's blogger of the week

- getting my yoga on (almost) every damn day, noticing tiny little improvements and feeling so thankful that I'm learning to connect my mind and body and find a little more inner peace

In pictures:

Tea and scones like the civilised lady I am; lunch at Hummus Bros; colouring in in bed on a Friday night; ASOS cat shoes (sold out, sorry);  the prettiest medal I ever did see; an espresso martini with my haircut at Taylor Taylor; my pumpkin family; The World Goes Pop at the Tate Modern; the yummy launch of Mangal 1.1 in Shoreditch with Sophie
Yummiest bagel at Stylist Live from Delancey & Co; Brunching in my Cumberbitching top; perfect eggs and iced coffee at the blogger fave B&H Buildings; Lunch in Leon; Sushi at the Japan Centre; the Mademoiselle Prive exhibition - queued for 90 minutes, bumped into a friend at the door and had a really good evening feeling grateful for not doing any researching and finding out about the queue in advance; Halloween Pocky at the Japan Centre (didn't buy it because sugar is evil, doncha know?) 

How was your October?



  1. Gosh how can October be over already?!

  2. Gin-fuelled conversations are the best! And omgosh, I felt the same when I finished 1Q84, I couldn't even bring myself to read another novel for a solid month. Such an epic trilogy. x

  3. I wish I could have seen Hamlet. But London is just such a slog to get to...
    The book sounds interesting...might have to Amazon it!

  4. I can't believe we are already in November, time is flying by recently!

    Maria xxx


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