Sunday, 15 November 2015

Call Me Maki - My New iPhone Case

If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen me attempting some sushi puns the other day - the reason being that GoCustomized had offered me the chance to have a go at making one of their personalised phone cases...

I opted for a wallet-style case as not only can I use it to stash my Oyster card which seems all too happy to live in the deepest depths of my handbag but because in the last month I've managed to smash my phone screen twice and it could do with some more protection than my old (and now broken) case. I spent far too much time deliberating over what to go with - a seaside scene from my recent trip to Brighton? A kitty cat from one of the cat cafes I visited in Asia? Eventually I settled on a sushi-themed case to remind me both of my travels and my favourite food. I completed my design with a sushi-related pun and a lot more indecision on which font and text colour to use. After only a few days my customised arrived - here's how it turned out:

customised iPhone 6 case
A perfect new home for my phone.  
customised iPhone 6 case
Taking my new case out for lunch - for sushi buffs out there, I know that neither my lunch nor the picture on the phone case is actually maki but "call me kimbap" or "call me California roll" didn't have quite the same ring to it...

customised iPhone 6 case
Matching my new case to an outfit - ASOS cat shoes (sold out) and a smock dress from Seoul. 
Let me know if you create your own iPhone 6 case and what design you would choose!



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