Friday, 6 November 2015

A Day In Brighton

I've been visiting Brighton for as long as I can remember - both of my maternal grandparents called this part of the world home and so it's always been familiar but I've actually never spent longer than a day in the city. After visiting last weekend I think I need to resolve that soon, I must have seen over ten cafes that I want to eat in and I picked up a flyer for a "yoga rave" (only in Brighton) which is something I think I need to go to. Growing up I heard stories of my grandparents meeting for dates underneath the clock tower and my grandfather swimming between the Palace Pier and West Pier as a boy and now as a grown-up myself (hmm) I can't help but feel at home amongst the veggie cafes, vintage stores and the crisp sea air.

As it was Halloween I wandered around all day wearing cat ears which were complemented by complete strangers on a few occasions (as if that would ever happen in London) and I when I said that they were "for Halloween" one response was "Darling, this is Brighton - you can wear those everyday"! Feline accessory tolerance, almond milk lattes and childhood nostalgia...when can I come back?

The "I am Perky" smoothie in 42 Juice (as recommended by Lucy) - cold brew coffee, almond mylk, peanut butter and dates. 
42 Juice on Market Street. 
The pebbly beach and the rather sad looking West Pier. The pole to the right is the new i360 - who even thinks up these things?
I took a solo ride on the Brighton Wheel - at 10.30am I was the only person on it which made it all the more enjoyable! 
One of my favourite photographs of late - the Palace Pier with some brave people about to go for an early morning dip in the English Channel. 
Afternoon tea with my parents and the charming friends of my late great auntie - hearing their stories over tea and cake was so lovely, the world is changing so fast and one day no one will even remember what life was like before the internet and mobile phones and that's a little bit sad, really. 
What's your favourite seaside town?



  1. I've never spent more than a day in Brighton either! Maybe we should organise a little weekend down there! Also - this coffee/smoothie hybrid sounds DELICIOUS!

    - Elodie x

  2. I adore Brighton! And am very much up for a weekend trip!

    My Sentimental Heart


  3. I've never been to Brighton and it's been on my to-visit list for a decade at least. Definitely getting down there when I next come down south. x

  4. Brighton is so lovely but I've barely spent enough time to really appreciate it. I have friends there so I should rectify this really! I love the Choccywoccydoodah shop of course :-)


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