Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Winter Run Series - A 2016 Challenge?

Does anyone else find that their fitness good intentions are a little harder to keep up in the winter? I spent my summer happily setting an early alarm, running while the sun rose and being back home eating breakfast by 8am. Dark winter mornings, bad weather and the upswing in our social calendars that seems to stretch from Halloween to New Years Eve all make it that little bit harder to get out there and workout, even if we know if will make us feel better and offset those sneaky Lindor Balls (a couple managed to unwrap themselves and fly into my mouth the other day - so sneaky).

The Winter Run Series seems like the perfect way to keep up motivation - a 10km run through the streets of a major city, passing iconic landmarks and a "snow zone" on the way. Whether you're a seasoned runner hoping to improve your time (sub 1-hour 10k, please!) or a newbie - 10k is a great distance to run, if you're just starting out with running then there's time to train to get up to that distance by January (or February for the Manchester race). You can use Elle's code for getting £3 off your entry - just enter SIMPELLE when signing up.

I'll be doing the London Winter Run and hoping that it gets me motivated to keep up the outdoor running in December and January and to start the new year with a clear goal rather than waiting until 1st January and berating myself for not keeping up the running. I actually saw the London race last year when coming back from a marathon-training 10 miler and was insanely jealous that the Winter Run runners were measuring the distance in kilometres not miles and were getting water handed to them!

winter run series discount code

Let me know if you sign-up!



  1. A big fat YES to your opening question. I'm such a fair weather runner and geting up and out to exercise can be difficult when the cold weather hits.

  2. Oh gosh I feel like I eat 100% more in Winter so incorporating a better winter regime is essential. I may need to take a leaf out of your books and do something to stop myself turning to a couch potato!

  3. I'm the opposite. Running in the Summer doesn't agree with me - I much prefer Winter when I become less of a sweaty mess!

  4. Wish I'd seen the discount code- I'm in and dragging a few of the ladies from the running club up in Cambs with me, looking forward to having something in January. My last race of 2015 will be NYE- as good a way as any to try and get motivated post marathon and into the winter.


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