Thursday, 1 October 2015

September Round-Up

September feels like the speediest month of 2015 so far. Being away for most of it probably helps the turbo-speeding of time - a chance to see new places, meet new people. try new things and, hopefully, maybe, come home a new person is the ultimate tonic to real life. Even if it is followed by the subsequent realisation that nothing has changed upon returning aside from the gender of the disembodied Tesco self-service checkout voice...

The post-holiday blues have not quite kicked in and neither has the realisation that I'm now, unarguably, in my late twenties. Here's how September looked and once I'm fully caught up from sleep deprivation I'll share some of my Japan and Korea memories properly:

1. A sunny weekend in Camden - this felt like it could have been one of the last so all the more reason for lying in the sun by the canal pretending that I'm seventeen again.

2. Joining the "art therapy" bandwagon with a colouring book for grown-ups - this helped defuse the stress of the last season of Breaking Bad.

3. One of my many birthday catch-ups with a friend at Wahaca.

4. A beautiful birthday gift from my friend C - the darker evenings just call for some yummy new recipes.

5. Margaret Atwood on fine form discussing - amongst other things - her new novel, sex robots, climate change and expensive skincare labels.

6. A lovely care pack of Hong Kong treats from Michelle. Turning 28 hasn't diminished my love for Rilakumma.

7. An afternoon well spent in the Hello Kitty cafe in Seoul - I should have felt bad about eating kitty's face but...I didn't.

8. Back in one of my favourite countries, Japan, for a short but sweet visit. The view from Osaka Castle that I first saw eight years ago.

9. Beach time in Busan - sea, sand and sun just screams "holiday" and I made sure to savour every moment and file them all away in my mind for the cold days ahead.

October sees friends returning from and leaving for distant shores, my second Royal Parks Half Marathon and hopefully a Halloween party invite because I now have a Japanese school girl outfit and it deserves a better outing than a trip to Waitrose...

How was your September?



  1. My life seems so boring in comparison to your cosmopolitan life! Sounds like an epic September! :-)

  2. 100% agreed on September being the speediest month so far. I can hardly believe it's October already!! SO epicly jealous of your travels. Such amazing snaps (:


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