Sunday, 11 October 2015

Osaka Revisited

Just one hour's flight from Busan, Osaka is Japan's third biggest city and - arguably - it's foodie capital so it made sense to pick this city for my second visit to Japan. I spent a lot of time in Osaka some eight years ago and it's amazing how much of the city I remembered (what I did last Tuesday on the other hand...). Osaka has a great mix of old and new, it might be smaller than Tokyo but it's still absolutely huge - thank goodness for the metro which is easy to use once you get your head around how to buy a ticket. Luckily my friend T had been travelling in Japan for the last couple of weeks so between us we figured most things out (although I'm still not quite sure how many yen there are to the pound).

Home in Osaka was a cute Airbnb in Dontonbori - the downtown district home to canal-side restaurants, karaoke bars, cat cafes and all the shopping you could want. Unknowingly visiting during a national holiday meant that everywhere was super busy but aside from some rather long queues at Universal Studios the holiday atmosphere was a nice addition.

Japan is still the most interesting and unique country I have visited - a mix of my own amazing memories, a life-long love of Japanese culture (and the food...let's not even start thinking about the food) and feeling that there is still so much more that this country has to offer despite the time I've spent there so far. Mata itsuka ne, Japan!

New York at Universal Studios Japan - with a dedicated metro stop, USJ is a world in itself - we spent an entire day here and it was awesome! 
Hogwarts - I'm super cynical but Harry Potter World at Universal Studios was pretty magical. The rest of the park after nightfall became full of zombies jumping out at unsuspecting visitors - Harry Potter World was much safer in comparison!
The best toast we have ever had at a tiny cafe (cue the standard confused look when I order something red-bean, yes I know what it is and yes I do like it). 
A man taking his dogs for a walk in the grounds of Osaka Castle. Probably the most zany Japanese thing we saw - some are even wearing sunglasses!
City views from the top of Osaka Castle.
The amazing Umeda Sky Garden. 
Little OOTD for city life in 30 degree heat 
Probably the most peaceful place in the city, high up above all of the noise and people and crazy traffic.
The famous Dontonbori crab at night. 
The Don Quixote ride was closed for repairs - devastated! But the walk along the canal is nice - okonomikayi for dinner followed by karaoke (what else on a Saturday night in Japan?!).
Osaka Travel Guide
Brunch in an old school Japanese cafe, Marufuku Coffee - pancakes, iced coffee, tea and indoor smoking made me feel like I was in a Murakami novel.
Osaka Travel Guide
Dontonbori by day.
Osaka Travel Guide
Dodging around the crowds doing this pose in front of the advert. 
Osaka Travel Guide
A vist to Nyantsume - cutest little blonde cat in a box!
Where is your all-time favourite destination?



  1. Ah the kitties!! I loved Osaka when I went - all the food! That 11-floor shopping centre! And lolz at the dog pram snap ;)

  2. OMG it looks like an amazing trip! I really want to go to Japan one day. And your outfits are the cutest.

  3. Oh wow it looks just amazing. I never knew there was a Universal Studio in Japan - how cool!! Must be rather surreal! There's so much about Japan that I have no idea about.


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