Friday, 30 October 2015

Halloween Treats - Healthy, Vegan & No Scary Ingredients

I love Halloween - while October starts off feeling dull and dark with a soundtrack of sneezing and spluttering, Halloween comes as a bright orange pumpkin-shaped punctuation mark in the dreariness of winter. I love the chance to carve a pumpkin, wear a ridiculous outfit and celebrate all things silly and spooky. It's also a chance to eat copious amounts of sweets (or drink copious amounts of alcohol if you are a grown-up and need something stronger than a fun-sized packet of Haribo). I decided to make something a little more virtuous - a spooky Halloween snack with no scary, un-pronounceable ingredients, no dairy, no gluten and no refined sugar.

My friend C and I demolished nearly all of these in one sitting - they are so yummy! Using ginger makes them taste really warming and autumnal and the warming effects can help treat colds and prevent nausea so in eating these you're hopefully helping to avoid becoming one of the sneezers and splutterers... I popped mine into Halloween muffin cases but they could also be rolled into balls or shaped into bars.

Halloween Treats

1. Start with Ella's raw raisin and ginger bar recipe. Shape the mixture into balls and press down into the muffin cases.

2. Make a raw chocolate topping (a table spoon of coconut oil mixed with cacao powder until smooth) and drizzle over the top.

3. Pop in the fridge overnight before sinking your fangs into one (or three...)

The star anise is for garnish. Please do not eat it. Pumpkin tealights from Waitrose.

vegan gluten free halloween recipe

vegan gluten free halloween recipe

vegan gluten free halloween recipe

What spooky plans do you have for Halloween?



  1. Oh god I hate Halloween. No that's a lie, I do enjoy it but I HATE kids knocking on my door. I'm a full on Scrooge ;-)
    These sound very tasty!

  2. Those pumpkin candles are so cute! I've never really been that into Halloween, but I did just buy and carve my first pumpkin today and think it makes the living room pretty when it's all lit up.

  3. These look so delicious. I can imagine that these went really quickly.


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