Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Twenty Eight

It's my birthday today. I'm continuing the tradition of being away for the big day (in Seoul, all things willing) but have already had so much fun celebrating in London. Every year I say that I won't do anything but then I give in and want to celebrate - 28 isn't a "big" birthday but it's nice to mark the passing of another year and having a September birthday still gives me that "back to school" feeling minus the Clarks shoes and new pencil case.

I had a little indoor picnic for my blogger pals and had some birthday gin at Ask For Janice in Farringdon with friends old and new. I think this bar is going to become my new hangout - it has an entire gin menu and (by the looks for what my friends ordered) great bar food. I opted for gin and birthday cake.

Birthdays always bring some self-refection with them. I don't feel like a decade has passed since I turned eighteen and celebrated with a bouncy castle in my parents' garden. In that time I've finished school, graduated from university, climbed (I hope) the career ladder, bought a flat, made friends, lost friends, travelled (some of) the world... I still sometimes wake up in a panic, thinking that the yellow school bus has already whizzed past my parents' house. I still call my dad when a lightbulb breaks. I'm a grown up on paper but really I'm still that girl who thought that Lambrini and a bouncy castle was a great plan (although these days I'd like a Hendricks with a slice of cucumber, please).

Life is whizzing by so fast. I'm torn between wanting to savour and feel every little moment because sometimes there is almost too much to want to take in but sometimes I find myself wishing away each passing week, month and year towards I don't quite know what. If I could tell my eighteen year old self anything, I wouldn't (aside from stop dying your hair). The last year has made me realise that whining "are we nearly there yet" is less enjoyable than being in the present moment. Here's to another year of getting to wherever I'm destined to go (in all senses) but living for each little moment as I get there.

How did you celebrate your last birthday?



  1. Happy birthday!
    Gin and Hendricks with cucumber is my faaaavourite.
    For my birthday I went out for a meal...nothing majorly special mainly because I wasn't feeling particularly celebratory (it was only a few months ago...).

  2. Happy Birthday Lily! I hope you are having a wonderful time on your travels.


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