Sunday, 6 September 2015

Feeling Floral - Interiors Inspiration with Darlington Crystal

It may not feel very summery outside but the summer can still be brought inside while we hang on to the last hopes of an Indian summer. Having fresh flowers in my flat makes me feel like I'm succeeding at being a grown-up a little bit more than usual and there's something really lovely about fresh blooms. I don't have much space in my little flat but flowers are a quick and easy update - add a scented candle and an ornamental pineapple (of course!).

Darlington Poppy Flower Bottle

Darlington Poppy Flower Bottle

Darlington Poppy Flower Bottle
Popper Flower Bottle c/o Darlington Crystal
Pineapple via eBay
Candle - Tesco
My friend S bought me a lovely bunch of roses for my birthday and I arranged a few of them in this Darlington Poppy Flower Bottle. The bottle is a contemporary update on a vase and, for me at least, a huge improvement on putting flowers in a water glass! I trimmed the stems of the roses and removed the leaves up to the lip of the bottle for a neater look. You could also try displaying a single larger flower in the bottle. Remember to top the water up (rather than changing it if you've used a liquid flower food) to keep the flowers looking pretty for as long as possible.

Darlington have a huge range of vases and glassware and have been leading the way since 1967 - there's even a collection with my name on it!

What's your favourite flower?



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