Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Birthday Pancakes - Healthy / Gluten Free / Grain Free / High Protein

I celebrated my "London birthday" at the weekend as I'll be travelling around South Korea for my actual birthday. I started off both days with some rather tasty pancakes and had a few requests on Instagram for the recipe so here it is - birthday pancakes two ways. Because I wanted them again on Sunday, too.

These are so easy to make and so, so good. I love making pancakes at the weekend and while these look like an indulgent treat they're actually healthy. I like to challenge myself to make healthier things at home to balance out the less healthy (but just as good for the soul) dessert and cocktails that inevitably go with birthdays.

Salted Caramel Pancakes

protein pancake recipe

protein pancake recipe

For the pancakes:

1 large ripe banana (the bananas I had were so big that I saved a few slices for the topping)
1 scoop protein powder (I used Sun Warrior vanilla)
1/2 cup liquid egg whites (I use Two Chicks liquid egg whites to avoid wasting yolks)
pinch of baking powder

Mix the pancake ingredients (mash the banana with a fork first and then stir in the other ingredients). Fry the pancakes in coconut oil - the trick to these is to use a low-isn heat and wait until bubbles have formed before carefully flipping.

The ingredients above make 3 medium-sized pancakes so plenty for a decent breakfast for one (to be enjoyed in front of your Netflix show of choice!). Depending on the protein powder you use the pancakes come in at around 250 calories, contain a decent amount of protein and are super filling but without the carb-induced slump from regular pancakes. You can leave out the protein powder and just use banana and egg white but I prefer the texture using protein powder as they taste more like a "real" pancake and are easier to flip!

For the sauce:

1 tbsp lucuma powder (from health food shops - mine is from Holland and Barrett)
1 tsp agave / date syrup / maple syrup
boiling water
pinch of sea salt

Mix the powder with the agave and water until its the right consistency. Pour over the pancakes and top with banana slices and cacao nibs.

Lucuma powder is my favourite "weird healthy" ingredient at the moment - it really does taste like caramel and is amazing in porridge, smoothies and as a dip for strawberries and apple slices. Lucuma powder contains iron, zinc and calcium and its low GI so won't cause a horrible sugar crash.

Peanut Butter Choc Chip Pancakes

protein pancake recipe

protein pancake recipe

For Sunday's breakfast I wanted pancakes again!

I used the same pancake mixture as above but added cacao nibs to the batter for chocolatey crunch. The sauce is just crunchy peanut butter mixed with a teaspoon of lucuma powder and boiling water. Again - topped with banana slices and cacao nibs, Instagrammed and eaten!

What's your favourite way to eat pancakes?



  1. They both sound so tasty. Happy birthday and have an amazing time in Korea x

  2. I really like the idea of that salted caramel sauce. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy Korea!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, these look so good! I wish I liked bananas :( I'll just take a glassful of that sauce instead...


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